What To Wear For A Summer Party: 6 Great Outfits


Choosing an outfit is essential if you’re going to a party. Of course, it’s easier if you have a theme for the evening. For example, you have to wear like characters from your favorite TV show or want to throw up a luxurious casino party inspired by playing at But what if you don’t have a theme? These 6 outfits are amazing for any summer party.

Jumpsuit And Large Jewelry

If you get lost in the variety of shorts and skirts, opt for a win-win jumpsuit. Stand out at a party with an unusual cut or print and, of course, accessories. It is also important to look at the material – silk or velvet will be winning options.

Lingerie-Inspired Suit And Flat Mules

When choosing a pantsuit for a party, pay attention to footwear. Many people think that wearing ‘city pajamas’ with backless loafers is completely inappropriate, as it feels too much like a real house set.

Wearing a suit with some lacy lingerie-style clothing underneath is right on trend. Brands like Wild Crush have some stunning examples of lingerie that can be worn underneath or as a complement to a suit getup. Wearing lingerie in this way looks classy and smart while at the same time being sultry and sexy, affording both beauty and formality in one outfit for an occasion.

Also, when choosing a pantsuit for a party, pay attention to footwear. Many people think that wearing ‘city pajamas’ with backless loafers is completely inappropriate, as it feels too much like a real house set.

But if that statement made sense a couple of years ago, today it’s different – it’s better to refrain from snickers to this outfit. Sandals or low-heeled shoes can easily handle hours of dancing, and it’s easy to find them today.

Lacquered Miniskirt And Simple T-Shirt

This set comes from the 90s and it’s on-trend today. Choose a large print on the T-shirt – a logo or any picture. If you want to wear a top, look out for unusual decorative elements. The skirt should keep a geometric shape. Don’t settle for the usual materials – vinyl, patent leather, or dyed denim will definitely set you apart from the crowd. Don’t forget about comfortable shoes. Snickers are perfect here.

One Shoulder Dress And Metallic Colored Shoes

For formal occasions, an asymmetrical cut is perfect. Choose unusual colors or decorations such as fringe. Complete the look with current accessories or metallic colored shoes. High-heeled sandals are great if you’ve worn them before the party and are confident that they’re comfortable. Otherwise, snickers are fine.

Costume With Sequins

The uncompromising option is sequins. A dress studded with them can be found in any mass-market shop. But a one-piece suit with trousers or a skirt can surprise your friends. Some sequins have such a delicate shine that they are quite suitable for a formal event. So pay attention to the size of the sequins and the material they are made of.

Shoes with bright decorations, such as stones, are better saved for another occasion, otherwise, you run the risk of being as dressy as a disco ball. To balance out and “calm down” the look, complement it with neutral elements: a shirt, a blouse, plain slippers, or loafers, and a small bag.

Wide Trousers And Dress

This outfit will easily take you from a daytime stroll to a party. A long T-shirt or short dress with trousers is a comfortable option, especially if you have comfortable loafers or sandals on your feet. Materials are key: dancing in a synthetic T-shirt is not a good idea. Cotton is perfect. When choosing trousers, pay attention to the length and dress with which you want to combine them. A dress of a different shade from the pants will reduce your height. If you’re ready for that, feel free to wear ankle-length straight-cut trousers. Otherwise, go for flared, floor-length trousers, and deliberately wide trousers.

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