Fashion Tips for a Casual Yet Stylish Look

We spend the majority of our time wearing casual clothes; whether we are running errands or meeting up with friends for coffee, most of us reach for a pair of jeans and a basic t-shirt. Though many people forget that wearing casual clothing is not an excuse to pay little attention to their outfit and how they style it; you can put in the effort and still maintain an easy-going look. How you dress, even if you are not invested in fashion, says a lot about who you are; for centuries, fashion has been a means of self-expression. If you think about it, we always use our clothes to communicate with others and convey specific messages. For instance, we go to meetings in power suits and stilettos to project confidence and control. Fashion is supposed to make you stand out, but a lack of styling can wash you out in the crowd. Many people believe that they would need to get a full closet upgrade so they can elevate their style, which can be quite discouraging. However, what they don’t know is that the chances are that they can already work with what they already own. Read this article for fashion tips that can help you maintain a casual yet stylish look.

Silhouette and Balance

A silhouette is the overall shape of a garment or an outfit, and we often use or manipulate it to either mask or emphasize specific areas of our body. Maintaining balance while experimenting with different silhouettes can be tricky at first. However, once you get the hang of it, you will be able to tell whether the end result makes you look flattering. With silhouettes, it all comes down to what you feel comfortable wearing. The easiest way to maintain balance would be through mixing between loose and tight garments. For example, if you are wearing loose, wide, or straight-fitted pants, you can go for a tighter top and vice versa. Though, you can still pair loose garments with loose ones and tight garments with other tight ones. Although in this case, you may want to make sure that the overall look still looks clean. One of the best ways to dress up in an all-loose silhouette would be by tucking in your oversized t-shirt in a pair of high-waisted, straight-fitting pants. Baggy clothes can make you shorter and fuller; tucking in your shirt in a pair of high-waisted jeans can define your waist and give the illusion of a higher waistline, shorter torso, and longer legs, thus maintaining balance. 

Statement Pieces: Prints and Colors

Casual outfits can easily look way too boring; when that happens, make sure to throw on a statement piece. A single bold garment or statement piece can immediately transform your entire outfit. Statement pieces can include bright or bold colors, daring prints, pieces of jewelry, belts, shoes, or a bag. Keep in consideration that a statement piece is supposed to be the center of attention; it is what runs the show. This is why you should avoid pairing too many of them together. Prints can look very dashing; supposing that you choose to shop now, you should wear your prints with utmost confidence. If you want to turn heads and add unmatchable character to your outfit, you should go for a printed statement item. You should stick to only one printed item for an outfit. Whether you decide to grab a leopard coat or a tiger print bag, try to keep the rest of your outfit monochromatic. This will save your outfit from becoming too eye-jarring and chaotic. 

Bright and bold colors can be matched in many different ways to create a casual, yet fashion-forward look. If you feel comfortable with wearing several bold colors, you should know your color wheel and understand the complementary colors theory. The key to mixing different colors without looking like you ran into paint buckets is maintaining harmony. Complementary colors are the colors that lie directly opposite to each other on a color wheel. When matched, they create the richest contrast in an outfit. For instance, light blue goes great with various shades of pink and yellow. The best color combinations for red would be forest green, cyan, and sand. Burgundy and dusty pink can be a powerful combination as well. If matching striking colors together is out of your comfort zone, you can play with color through your shoes, bag, or even both. Even if your entire outfit is pretty basic, colorful shoes and bags can help you pave your way to boldness and character.


Statement Pieces: Accessories

Accessories can do more for an outfit than you are aware of. A belt is one accessory that can make your entire outfit. Belts add structure and texture to even the simplest looks. They can make a monochromatic outfit sleeker if you use one with the same tones. You can also use one that’s a different color to make the outfit look more interesting. Belts can also be used to create illusions; if you wear a belt that’s the same color as your bottoms, you could look taller. They are also a great way to highlight your waist area or mask your stomach area if you use a belt that’s entirely the same color as your bottoms (even the buckle). Using jewelry can also be a great way to finish off your outfit. If you are wearing a monochromatic outfit, you can layer a few gold necklaces; it is an easy, yet effective way to elevate your outfit. 

You can tell a lot about someone from the way that they dress. While it’s not every day that you see someone with a very prominent or distinct style, we all have different tastes and it shows, even in the most subtle ways, in the way that we dress. Many people can tell how confident you are just from the way that you dress. Those who appear confident through their outfit doesn’t mean that they are overdressed. It simply means that they are not afraid to add and enhance different elements of their outfits. 

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