Styling: Tips to dressing well and travelling light


Most of us love to travel to new destinations and experience new places and cultures, however, travelling is a pretty stressful process. The hassle of planning itineraries, packing, hauling luggage around, jet lag can make travelling a daunting task for some. Travelling light, therefore, comes as a relief and source of satisfaction that a frequent traveller can obtain. For those great at it, this exercise can be a therapeutic experience. Travelling is a challenging enough task and doing it stylishly adds pressure to any woman. This being said, you should never sacrifice your style in a bid to travel light. Below is a highlight of some tips and tricks that one could employ to make sure they are well dressed while travelling light;


#1. Stay organised

The rule of thumb to packing light is extreme organisation. It saves one from all the headache of packing, unpacking and carrying luggage around. Knowing how to pack light will help save a lot of effort and time. The very first thing to help you to pack light is keeping track of everything you will need during your trip by maintaining a list. This list should include anything and everything from shoes to swimwear and toiletries that your hotel might not provide you with.

#2. Choose Versatile pieces 

Anything you include in your travel should be multi-purpose. Carry those pieces of clothing that can be used more than once and versatile enough to go with a majority of your outfit. Loro Piana stripes shorts are such stylish travel fashion pieces that can easily transition from day tonight. They can be dressed up by pairing it with a formal blazer or own as a beach outfit matched with a white basic tee. Pack outfits that can be Color-coordinated with everything else in the travel wardrobe.


#3. Accessorizing is key

Accessories can instantly spruce up a look to the next level. It’s the cherry on the top of a perfect outfit. Statement pieces like necklaces, oversized earrings or colourful headpieces add that extra effect to an outfit as well as express one’s style. Feel free to get style aspirations for your trip from the current style trends such as magazines, blogs, social media and the list goes on. These style trends will make your deck out and look more of a chic and well-travelled individual.


#4. Travel in athleisure wear

Athleisure wear is quite a trendy fit that has become increasingly fashionable especially for long haul flights or for road trips that require a lot of physical movements. Exercise gear such as leggings is incredibly easy to wear and made of quality materials that easily absorbs sweat given the back and forth hustles while travelling. This kind of clothing is great for light travel as it can be folded perfectly and squeezed into any small bag.


#5. Pack the perfect shoes

Shoes present a huge challenge when it comes to packing light. One is often tasked to balance between comfort, style and bulk. A well planned out itinerary can help one to choose a particular kind of shoe over another. Light pairs of shoes such as sandals and ballet flats are impeccable for flying but not necessarily for taking long walks. While on travel, you can choose to wear the bullies of your shoes to reserve room in the suitcase to carry lighter pairs.



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