The beauty of fashion is that it has no bounds. It stretches all the way to sports. While sporty fashion is commonly associated with celebrities, you can also join in. You can be in your sportswear and still look fashionable. Should you desire to go that way, you can opt for casual street styles which combine both city-chic traits and some sporty elements in a single outfit. You can match your baseball cap with your joggers, or style your sweatshirt. The right sneaker design and color can also make a whole difference. Such unique combinations can leave you comfortable, effortlessly trendy and so modern. Want to look fashionable and sporty? Here’s how: 

Look Trendy While You’re Working Out

You heard that right! You can still appear perfect as you perform those aerobics and as you strive to strengthen your core. Fitness enthusiasts at Athletic Joggers, reveal that you can look sporty and trendy if you choose good workout wear that is made from materials that are designed for comfort and style. While choosing such outfits, therefore, take into consideration performance, and style so that you can remain fashionable in your active lifestyle.

Look for outfits whose fabric feels smooth against your skin, is soft, and can stretch to fit your body accordingly and also keep you warm. Your joggers should also be anywhere-wear to enhance your free movement whether you simply want to relax on your couch or you’re hitting the gym. With unique joggers, you can never go out of style. Whether you’re in your workout leggings, your fur-skinned sweatpants, your yoga pants, or hoodies, you should feel stylish. The sure way to this feeling is choosing the right size and material.

Rock Some Joggers

If you’re style-conscious you can find it comfortable to wear joggers while away from the gym. After all, joggers are increasingly becoming a popular part of several classic sporty-chic trends. The trick is simple, cut, and fit. Anytime you’re out on the streets with your joggers, therefore, ensure they are well cut and fitting so you don’t appear as though you forgot to take off your pajamas.

Your joggers must not be skin-tight though neither should they be too baggy. Always opt for a pair that comes with a snug fit on your upper thigh part, the backside, and taper down loosely around your ankles. Additionally, try to avoid joggers that have straight legs and those with flared legs. These often look awkward with most sporty footwear and they can easily put your entire look off-balance.

Style Your Sweatshirt

Think about those times when you’re on your morning run and suddenly the weather gets cold? How about you add a sweatshirt to your sportswear? Simply wear it right and honestly, a sweatshirt can add to the sexy look of your sportswear and you can love the new you. You can rock some form-fitting zip-up hoodie, combine it with a pair of classic sneakers and some quality-material joggings. You can have a streamlined look! Alternatively, you can pair your favorite loose cropped sweatshirt with your skin-tight leggings to add some coziness to your accentuating figure.

Get It Right With Your Sport Sneakers

Let’s be honest, sneakers are a must-have accessory in any sporty chic look. A carefully chosen pair of sneakers can perfect your athletic vibe and give you such a trendy finish downstairs. You can never go wrong with a pair of plain white sneakers! They can match each of your sporty looks and give you a classic finish anytime. This does not mean you should not branch out. You can consider more colors and styles too. 

Interestingly, low-top sneakers can give you an awesome traditional leisure-athletic look while high-tops can give your sporty outfit an edgy-chic-style vibe. Similarly, avoid common running shoes unless you only want to wear them during a cardio workout. Unlike sneakers, running shoes are quite difficult to make trendy. Furthermore, running shoes also tend to stick out, and thus you can be sure they are going to ruin your chic finish.

Don’t Forget To Get Yourself a Go-To Tee

More often than not, being sporty involves some willingness to sweat. You can show off your enviable and well-toned figure anytime you head to the gym with some form-fitting leggings. Crown the look with a casual top and you can be sure to rock! Consider t-shirts with neutral shades like gray, white, or black. They can complement any sporty chic look you can think of. Simultaneously, you can pair your cropped loose tee with your favorite high-waist joggers or leggings and high-top sneakers for a classic athleisure appearance. You can also choose to wear leggings with some form-fitting v-neck t-shirt, low tops, and a leather jacket to have a more fine-tuned sporty chic look.

You Need a Baseball Cap

Let’s face it! Baseball caps are the anchor of any perfect sporty style. Despite their masculine designs, they still give women an amazing sexy look with one on the head. If you have short hair,  you can leave it down or straighten it for one polished and sleek look. Likewise, if you have long hair, you can tie it up as a high ponytail and pass it through your baseball cap’s back and still enjoy your classic finish. Conversely, you can leave your hair low and hold it with some messy bun then throw your cap over it for a more carefree look.

Anyone can look fashionable in their sporty outfits. With some well-fitting joggers made from high-quality materials that take care of your mobility and comfort, you can love your sporty look. Don’t forget to acquire some sports sneakers both high-top and low-top sneakers and a baseball cap to complete your look. Know how to play around with your sweatshirt and remember to look fashionable even as you sweat it out at the gym. You can also show off with your favorite jersey. One pair of white sneakers can complement any of your upper body wear. Know when to put on your low-top and high-top sneakers as they both suit specific upper body sportswear.


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