6 Good Reasons Why You Should Consider Using Magnets To Improve Your Health




A magnet is a very extraordinary thing. They have been the center of research for quite some time now. Due to their properties, they have been used in almost every field. However, there’s one field where magnets are playing a huge role: Health. Today we’ll be discussing how magnets impact our body, tissues, organs, diseases, and our treatments. Research is still ongoing in regards to a magnet known as the neodymium magnet which seems to be very promising both for diagnostic and treatment purposes. Here are the top 6 reasons why magnets should be used to improve health.


   Cardiovascular System

Magnets have a huge impact on our cardiovascular system. Many studies have also been conducted to see whether the cardiovascular system is affected by the magnetic properties of the magnet or not. There was a study that concluded that the blood flow was reduced by laser doppler in fingers of the non-dominant hand. The flow of RBCs in skeletal capillaries was reduced when exposed to stationary magnetic fields. There was also another study that showed a reduction in bloodstream and blood level intensity in tumors that had been previously treated using magnets. 

    Neural System

Magnets are used to generate magnetic fields. There was a study that examined the effects of the magnetic field on neural damage. The magnetic field was applied to 17 volunteers and the results were astonishing. Neuron-specific enolase is the determinant of neural damage. It was conducted to check the mental ability and the results were wonderful as the magnetic field didn’t seem to harm any of the parameters for which they were used and they were safe to be used for this purpose. By placing magnets close to your system, you will see amazing changes in your neural system. You can try magnetic bracelets or pendants to make it look casual and chic. The professionals behind  emphasize the benefits of magnetic jewelry and how you can wear it with style. Magnets have also been proven to improve blood flow in the area where they have been used. This is said to do a lot of good for the tissue. 


Depression is said to be the root of all problems and it seems to be without any cure. Numerous studies which were conducted to ascertain whether the treatment method for major depression involves magnets or not have given promising results.The. Recurrent transcranial magnetic stimulation is considered to be an effective treatment for depression. The best part about the treatment of depression using magnets is that you don’t need anesthesia. The TMS treatment uses Neodymium magnets which make use of the magnetic field rather than using the method of electroconvulsive medicaments for major depression. Magnetism is also playing its role by helping man fight his depression. 


Magnets have various uses. It turns out they’re also used in orthodontic procedures. The outward movement of the root which is buried in certain cases of dental fractures can be achieved by using magnets in a relatively promising time. There are certain methods to reform the root which is reaching out. One of these methods is porcelain coating. Neodymium magnets are used in these coatings because of their property to not be resistant to corrosion and gradual loss of strength. There are lots of other procedures as well where magnets are playing their part. Dentists have taken a lot of advantage of magnets and they are pretty happy as the treatments have become easier.

      Muscles and Joints

Magnets have also been assisting in implants. There have been comparisons of magnetic and non-magnetic implants and the results are very promising for the magnetic procedures. Bone joints are also being repaired by the use of magnets. Magnetic implants seem to be doing a better job by reinforcing the bone tissue of major organs. Another study was conducted by using a rabbit model. For this purpose, the damaged area of the femoral epiphysis was kept in close contact with a magnetic scaffold. In the nearby area, cylindrical magnets were placed. After the experiment ended, it was observed that the magnets protect against the micromovements. This is done by keeping the magnetic field constant and plays a role in maintaining tissue regeneration. Magnetic implants have had huge success over the years and it also improves our gastrointestinal systems. 

    Magnetic Therapy

Magnetic therapy is a very controversial topic. It may be a myth but there may also be some truth to it. There are many methods of doing this and one of them is by using a magnetic wrist band. Although magnetic therapy is a very controversial topic, however, there have been positive results of using magnets for therapy. Many of the companies selling therapeutic magnets have claimed that the magnets inside their bracelets increase blood flow where they are worn. This in turn increases the circulation and helps the tissues heal faster. This may be a controversial topic but even if it doesn’t work like that, and does not have any adverse effects, it can be utilized for the placebo effect.  Magnetism is an amazing phenomenon and magnets have a vast range of uses. Due to technological advancements, magnets have also entered the medical field for quite some time now. They have assisted us in a truckload of ways to improve our health. Magnets are now being used in a variety of medical procedures. From magnetic implants to orthodontic procedures, they have become important across the medical field. Above are the top 6 reasons why you should consider magnets to improve your health. This is how they have been assisting us, and more credible research should be done to shed light on how magnets improve our entire body through their unique properties.

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