The Only Guide You Need to Know Everything About Cruelty-Free Products



Any way You Slice It Animal Testing is Cruel

A cruelty-free company is a company that doesn’t test its products on animals. Unfortunately, animal testing is still prevalent in China and other parts of the world. In fact, according to Cruelty-Free International, over one hundred and fifteen million animals are being used for animal testing worldwide each year. There is absolutely no need for animal testing and most companies don’t test their products on animals but for those businesses who choose to do so, they often move their animal testing process over to mainland China, where the cruel practice is unregulated. Purchasing cruelty-free products allow you to reward companies for not experimenting on animals while punishing those who choose to be inhumane by torturing, maiming, blinding, and ultimately killing helpless animals confined to live a horrible existence in small cages. This cruelty-free products guide will help you to feel confident that the items you purchase are not tested on lab animals, forced to live a life of fear and suffering.

Thousands of Cruelty-Free Brands Using Safe Cosmetic Ingredients Exist Today

Besides small, independent businesses, many mainstream, big-name brands are now one-hundred percent cruelty-free. So many great brands are now cruelty-free that it makes the switch over to cruelty-free brands relatively painless because the excuse that your choices are limited, now, no longer exists. In fact, to formulate their products, most companies realize that they can now choose from a list of over seven thousand ingredients that have already been proven to be safe. The only companies that knowingly choose to test more ingredients on animals do so to increase their profits. There is really no need to experiment with new, innovative ingredients considering that over seven thousand ingredients are proven to be safe and effective already exist. By purchasing products labeled cruelty-free you are choosing not to enable companies to torture animals for the pure sake of greed.

Research Humane Alternatives to Animal Testing

Some companies claim that tests are performed on animals to make sure that the ingredients in their products are safe for humans to use but the truth is that there are viable alternatives to animal testing for ingredient safety. If you wish not to contribute to cruel animal testing, you can simply go on the internet and visit  or any number of other websites that focus on writing about cruelty-free products while providing valuable information such as which companies choose to use in vitro testing instead of animal testing and how cruelty-free cosmetics differ from vegan cosmetics. Cruelty-free focused blogs and websites also identify which companies voluntarily choose to use cultured cell tissues and computer models over animal testing. After doing your research online, you will find out that the truth is that science actually favors the aforementioned alternatives over animal testing because those methods are more conclusive. The only advantage of animal testing is that it’s more affordable for companies to do because laboratory animals form a special category of animals and aren’t protected from animal abuse and cruelty laws. However, the lower cost of torturing animals is extremely unethical and not worth the savings.

Buy Cruelty-Free Cosmetics 

The cosmetics industry is responsible for a large portion of the animal testing going on in the world today. Cats and dogs are often used in medical animal experiments and are treated like laboratory animals. For the sake of testing cosmetic products, these animals are cruelly deprived of the basic rights that are often allowed to pets. By buying cruelty-free cosmetics, you assist in putting an end to this horrific practice of torturing animals. If you wish to save money and do the right thing, you can subscribe to receive a guaranteed cruelty-free beauty box full of vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics every month.

In conclusion, by supporting cruelty-free companies rather than those that choose to test on animals, you send a clear message to the entire industry that companies that test on animals will not be getting your money. Consumers boycotting companies that test on animals can influence more companies to go cruelty-free. Cruelty-free means, not tested on animals. Unfortunately, any product can read, cruelty-free, yet still be tested on animals because terms like, “cruelty-free” and “not tested on animals”, are not regulated. To determine which products are truly one-hundred percent cruelty-free, you must do your research online by visiting blogs and websites that are operated by reliable, independent research organizations. Finally, beware of products that state on their cosmetics packaging, “not tested on animals” or “finished product not tested on animals”, because it most likely means that the ingredients were, in fact, tested on animals.


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