How to Build Strong Hair in Middle Age?

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In your middle age, your strands may become delicate and more prone to damage. The natural process of aging can cause changes in your hair’s texture and appearance. Luckily, it is not to too late for strong, healthy hair. With a few adjustments to your haircare routine, you can build bulletproof tresses for the years to come. 


How Does Hair Weaken with Age?

With age, your hair’s growth phase becomes shortened, leading to finer hair. For women, hormonal imbalances during menopause are a common factor that contributes to thinner, weaker hair in your middle age. The decreased levels of estrogen and progestogen result in slower hair growth. Thinner, weaker may start to grow on the sides and top of your head. 


How to Build Strong Hair in Middle Age 


It Starts with the Scalp

The scalp is a key component in promoting stronger hair growth. To maintain the microbiome of your scalp it is vital to cleanse away buildup and maintain a healthy blood flow. Firstly, a scalp exfoliator is designed to remove excess oil or product buildup from your scalp. An exfoliator also unclogs your pores, making way for healthier follicle health. Secondly, to increase blood flow to your scalp give yourself regular scalp massages. Scalp massages are known to improve blood circulation, by delivering your scalp the essential nutrients and oxygen to grow strong hair.


Get your Vitamins

A nutritional imbalance can lead to weak hair. Your hair requires vitamins and minerals to function at its highest level. The most common vitamins to promote dynamic hair growth include vitamins A, B, C, and E, iron, zinc, and omega fatty acids. These nutrients can be consumed through a well-balanced, colorful diet or a multi-vitamin. A diet composed of leafy greens, eggs, berries, fatty fish, and avocados will help build strong strands. 


Use Gentle Hair Products 

Gentle, chemical-free products are important to restore and replenish weak hair. To minimize dryness and breakage, avoid hair products with sulfates, parabens and alcohols. Instead, use products with hydrating and strengthening ingredients like, proteins, argan oil, coconut oil, and biotin. Gentle, restorative formulas will supply your locks with the nutrients they need.


Take a Break from Heat Styling

Overusing your blow dryer, straightener or curler can quickly lead to parched, weak hair. To strengthen your hair, take a break from heat and embrace your natural texture. A heat hiatus not only helps your hair, but it gives you a fun opportunity to try out new hairstyles. 

For the days when you can’t go without heat, ensure you use a heat protectant and keep your tool on a low heat setting. 


Mask it Up

Hair masks can be the perfect pick-me-up for dry or weak hair. A good hair mask has a high concentration of nutrients to nourish your strands in less than 30 minutes. Choose a mask packed with vitamin E and natural butters, like the one from Better Not Younger, to bring your hair back to life. 



Say goodbye to weak hair by practicing these 5 tips. A haircare regimen for indestructible strands involves a clean scalp, nutritious diet, and hydrating hair products. Your time to build strong hair is now!


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