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From their invention in the 13th century until modern times, eyeglasses have evolved from necessity to fashion statement. And with the popularization of sunglasses in the 1920s, eyewear began to dictate fashion trends instead of following them. Many of the trends that were present in the past decades are still available, whether in their original form or in a slightly modernized design. As a result of that, these days, you probably have the largest selection of eyewear styles to choose what fits you the best. If you would like to know how eyewear fashion trends evolved and which trends will be present this summer, you can read about all that in this article.

The Round Frame

The first pair of traditional glasses were made from clear glass lenses and had wooden frames. Later, at the beginning of the 20th century, the wood was replaced by metal, but it was still uncomfortable to wear around the ears and the nose. Only when sunglasses became popular, manufacturers began to make more comfortable frames for all eyewear. These were round and small, so they typically covered only the eyes. Today, round frames are slightly less popular, but you can still find some, with a slightly modern touch, such as plastic and colorful frames.

The Cat Eye

When the economy began to boom after the Second World War, eyewear shapes went through their first major change. The cat-eye became the most flattering look every woman could desire and quickly made itself an essential part of everyone’s style. It accentuated the wearer’s browline, so it was associated with fashion-forward looks and glamour. Nowadays, this style is mostly used for creating retro looks at special events. But if you love to rock a vintage style in your day-to-day life, you will be able to found some affordable cat-eyed glasses that can fit into your timeless aesthetics pretty well.

Dramatic Eyewear

With the start of the cultural renaissance, glasses were changing again. Dramatic, oversized frames took over and could be found in lots of geometrical shapes. Almost as if they were compensating for the mod style hemlines that were getting shorter and shorter in the 1960s. Unfortunately, even prescription glasses were no longer seen as a necessity and took on the role of being a fashion statement. But the decade or so later, even sunglasses became more transparent, and softer shapes with pastel tints created a relaxed vibe. Whether you are looking for sunglasses or prescription glasses, you can still find a more subdued version of this style. 

Sporty Frames

At the end of the 20th century, understated and smaller designs became trendy. Even frames that were designed in an oval or thin shape, as well as in a cat-eyed manner became trendy again. Besides those, sport styles in sunglasses enjoyed popularity, most in darker colors. These can be more even today for a more casually styled look, especially if you spend a lot of time outdoors. However, if you have to wear prescription lenses for activities, it’s recommended to opt for contact lenses instead. Contacts have also become popular at the end of the last millennia because they are more comfortable and leave less room for injuries. 

Colorful Materials

When the use of plastic materials became widespread, it meant a huge leap for eyewear too. While the frames were still large, they became more colorful and cheap, so you could have one for every outfit you had. These frames are still trending today, but the lenses are also available in multiple colors, including the ones for prescription glasses. Now you only have to get your eyes examined, and you can have whatever style frame you wish to have with your prescribed lenses. To make getting a pair of lenses even easier, the professionals at can help you get through your appointment at an optometrist faster and more satisfying than ever before. Their optometrists know that the quality of your eyewear is far more important than its label, which means that they will be able to guide you on finding glasses at affordable prices.

Dual-Purpose Eyewear

These days you don’t even have to exchange your eyeglasses for a shade when you step outside on a sunny day. A dual-purpose pair easily adapts from artificial to natural light, effectively shielding your eyes from the harmful effects of the sun. Because photochromic lenses will leave you with frames that can carry out multiple functions, your life will be a lot easier. You won’t have to carry around multiple pairs of glasses all the time, plus you will save lots of money. 


To take this one step further, now you can purchase lenses with a blue light filter as well. If you spend a lot of time with your gadgets, this will practically be a must to protect your eyes from the blue light they emit. Additionally, you can combine these lenses with a traditional prescription or photochromic one too.

2021 Trends



Eyewear trends for 2021 will include oversized frames with crystal clear lenses and improved functionality. Metal frames will dominate over plastic ones and will be available for every face, from round to square and everything in between. If you are looking for a more casual pair, you will be in luck, as flat tops will also be widely popular in both eyeglasses and sunglasses. Similar to the oversized frames, flat tops have a rounded bottom part so they can protect the skin under your eyes. Other than these general characteristics, there won’t be any specific trends to follow. You will be able to find a little bit of everything from the past decades and tailor it to your unique style.


Although during 2021 you will mostly see oversized eyewear, you will still have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to the shape of your frames. The same is true for the color of sunglass lenses which you can use to elevate your style. And if you wear prescription glasses, you will be able to opt for a par that combines improving your eyesight with protecting it in a fashionable manner. No matter what eyewear style you choose, what’s important is that it feels right for you and that it provides adequate protection for your eyes.


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