The Most Popular Footwear Items For 2021 That You Must Have


You’ve heard the old saying; the two most important things to invest in are a good bed and decent shoes because if not in one, you’re in the other. How true a saying! In a world that is facing a global pandemic we can’t control, and daily occurrences that make us ashamed to be human, it’s important to concentrate on the things we can determine decent footwear. Whatever your personal style; stilettos, pumps, or a comfortable flat strappy sandal, there are a plethora of choices. And let’s face it, footwear reflects our mood, so owning a selection is a must for the fashion-conscious. So, what are some ‘must haves’ for this season? 


The ‘Kind’ Footgear

The environmental impact of fashion has been a hot subject amongst eco-warriors in recent times. Sustainable fashion has been adopted by several companies in an attempt to reduce the effect on our planet. It is thought that Europeans discard 11 kilos of textiles (including shoes) each year, filling up our landfills. Investing in a fashion that has adopted a greener strategy, will help to mitigate some of the effects. 


What about the issue of animal cruelty? The ongoing suffering experienced by animals has been greatly contested for many years. Animals go through horrific procedures, in the name of fashion each day, causing needless pain to innocent victims. Veganism is becoming a common lifestyle choice for those who care about the welfare of our animal friends.  The good news is, you can still wear great shoes and protect animals. Boots such as vegan Dr. Martens have been around since 1940, and offer a great range that is durable and doesn’t use any animal products. The guys over at GreenMatters point out that switching to vegan leather is the single best thing an individual could do to help the planet and you still get to wear fantastic shoes and boots. It’s a no-brainer! 

Summer ready 

Like so many people, I’m sure you are looking forward to going out to places that you can wear gorgeous new footwear. It’s been a while since we had the luxury of leaving the safe haven of our homes. With hope on the horizon, it looks like partying and socializing will return in the not too distant future, so what better time to treat our feet to a delightful new pair of party shoes (or two) Let’s face it, what else have we had to spend our money on? 


With summer looming, why not gift yourself some new strappy sandals. Perfect for long walks by the sea or BBQs with a friend. Open toes and leg laces make your feet ‘center of attention according to Cosmopolitan and it makes a welcome change to divert attention from the latest facemask trends. Hello feet, goodbye designer face-coverings. 


Another essential addition to the summer shoe extravaganza is flip-flops. Gone are the days where the only flip-flops available were from the local supermarket for £5. Now flip flops are chic, stylish, and hellishly comfortable. Designer flip flops are much more substantial than the one-season ‘fleet’ flop of old. Investing in decent flip-flops will ensure you get many years of use making it a cost-effective option in the long run. 

Everyday Footwear, Rain or Shine!

The humble sneaker should not be underrated. Sneakers come in weird and wonderful designs and are a comfortable stylish choice for everyday use. There are even sneakers designed for more formal occasions so shop around to find ones that resonate with you. Dress up or dress down, sneakers are a must-have. 


If you’re in a job that requires you to stand for much of the time, comfort is paramount to prevent painful feet or blisters. It’s wise to examine material and support features on shoes you will be standing in all day. Brands such as Cole Haan design shoes specifically for comfort. They have a memory foam insole, with durable fabric on the outside. They’re affordable and come in lots of different shades. 

Party shoes

 Whether you’ve decided to party at home or are planning some great post lockdown wild nights out, party shoes will complete the party outfit; the icing on the metaphorical cake! Shopping for party shoes is a fun pass time, but with so much choice how can you find the perfect pair (or pairs)? Trying on the outfits you’re planning to wear will help inform your shoe choice. Do you want the stylish high heel, pointed toe look,  or would you rather a flatter but flamboyant design? Choosing shoes that will be practical for the activities you plan is essential. You don’t want 9-inch heels when you’re planning on an all-night dance rave. You will inevitably kick them off for your own comfort. Choosing mid-range heels are a good compromise if you don’t want to forego the precious heel look.


When choosing comfy heels look out for features such as foot pads that act as shock absorbers (yes, they’re used in shoes as well as cars) and secure soles that ease pressure on the balls of feet when standing or dancing. If you are flat-footed, the smaller the heel the better. Kitten heels have become popular recently and boast to be the comfiest heel slingback ever made. They are flattering to the foot and easy to walk in. You could wear them all day and avoid the throbbing foot pain that some heels delight in giving you. 


There are a plethora of reviews online you can work through to identify the right shoes or boots for your particular feet. There are millions invested each year in creating the perfect footwear, so there is no need to suffer the daily pain that some party shoes offer. Of course, it’s not a ‘rule’ you must wear heels when partying. There are some great flat shoe designs out there that are both stylish and comfortable. If you don’t need to add height to your outfit or like me, you really are tall enough, then shop around for some fashionable flat shoes, guaranteed to help you dance the night away in comfort. 


Whatever shoe choice you make, enjoy the novelty of being able to go ‘out out’ again, and remember, nothing is stopping you from wearing fantastic shoes around the house. It’s a princess thing! 

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