Top Fashionable Items That You Need To Have For A Trendy Look


Top Fashionable Items That You Need To Have For A Trendy Look

Most people think that for one to look fashionable, he/she must wear one of the coolest trends in town, master the most sophisticated styling designs and wear expensive clothes. While this is true to some extent, there is more to fashion than expensive clothes. Sometimes having a pair of sunglasses and a bandana can add more meaning to your outfits and make you look trendy. Here are the top fashionable items that you need to have for a trendy look:


Have A White Dress Shirt

This item is important especially if you are working. It is suitable for an official work environment, you can wear it to your interviews. It is a good outfit any day you want to look polished for a special dinner. It can surely be your best friend. When you go to buy it, choose a quality dress that does not easily fade and one that can embrace your body curves accordingly. It can be perfect if it’s made of cotton. You can also wear your dress shirt on casual occasions and still look trendy. It is highly comfortable and you can make it one of your everyday event outfits. It’s a little sophisticated and you can pair it with your favorite pencil skirt, a blazer, some khaki trousers, or even some black dress pants. To complete it, you can add on some ballet flats, or pumps and a simple statement necklace.

Head Accessories

You can have items to cover your head with and still look trendy. You can wear a hat anytime you are out for the weekend or any outdoor activities. A good hat can help you make a perfect statement and enable you to create such a well-defined look. Designers at Bandana wholesalers, recommend that for bandanas you can look for sellers who deal in wholesale bandanas as you will have different colors to choose from. Wholesalers of bandanas can also allow you to choose a polyester bandana or a cotton bandana based on your personal preferences.

Sunglasses are also a good accessory if you want to have better coordination of your upper and undergarments. You can try out a lilac pair. Sunglasses are fancier than any eye makeup and they never go out of fashion so once you have a pair you can be sure to always find occasions where you can rock with them.

Don’t Forget a Pair Of Loafers

Loafers are fashionable and very classy. You can wear them to formal occasions even when you are fully buttoned up and still feel very comfortable. You can have a regular black pair of loafer, a white pair, or taupe if you want your loafers to be timeless. You can wear your loafers with some skinnies when you are attending your best friend’s wedding. They can go well with your white dress shirt too. You can add some cat-eye-sunglasses to it for some bonus points. Gold jewelry and some red lipstick can complete your loafer-style.

A Trench Coat

A trench coat is a timeless item to own. It’s trendy too and you can always play around with it to look reasonably sophisticated. Buy one that has been cut more conservatively and you can be sure to own it for decades. If you can get one that goes below your butt and one whose cuts are loose through the shoulders and sleeves it can be awesome as you can layer it with unique pieces underneath. You can wear it with some red lipstick, a pair of pumps and a simple ponytail.

You can rock in your trench coat on your special dates, work, dinner, and anytime you are out for mundane tasks such as going to the bank or going shopping. You can wear your trench coat with a pair of boots and jeans with any top. You can complicate your look with a lightweight scarf around your neck. You can also button up your trench coat and tie it or you can leave it open and loose.

Have Some All-White Sneakers

Sneakers are a staple style of shoes that is classy and never goes out of fashion. Once you purchase your all-white sneakers, you will blame yourself for not buying them early enough. They are a beautiful pair of shoes which you can blend with any outfit. Get one pair that has no embellishments to enable you to have an endless way of wearing them. You can pair your sneakers with a solid colored dress, and a denim jacket yet you’ll still appear trendy and stylish.

Own Some Pairs Of Jeans

Boyfriend and mom-style jeans are quite modern and stylish. You can have a pair of black jeans or some white jeans. Your jeans can be slim cut, boot cut, or flared, have them just the way you like them although some simplicity will do you no harm. Your jeans will be a good option for your fancy dinners, good for pairing with your lovely t-shirts,s and relevant for casual activities at work. Ensure you buy jeans that have no embellishments and those that do not fade otherwise you can hate jeans after your first laundry experience with them. If they are longer and go below your shoes, you can have them hemmed so that they perfectly touch the bottom of your heel.

Designer jeans, a boot cut pair of jeans, and some stringent jeans are unique designs you can consider. Remember jeans there are unisex jeans and whether you are male or female, you can wear your jeans with some nice blazers and have a scarf around your neck to add some versatility. You can also wear jeans with loafers.

Blazers And Denim Jackets

You have countless varieties of blazers to choose from. You can go for oversized blazers or shrunken blazers. Ensure your blazer’s sleeves touch your wrists and have enough room at the shoulders. Blazers are good for most outfits in your closet be it some official outfits, some jeans, or even some loafers.

You can wear your blazer on your favorite tees and pair it with your white sneakers to have such a chic look. You can also wear your denim jacket with your v-neck tee, some gold jewelry, or even with your favorite pair of jeans and still look classy. You can get a sweet preppy denim jacket which you can match with several accessories including neck scarfs and some loafers.

You can have some of the common and basic fashion items like trench coats, head scarfs, bandanas, some unique hats, dress shirts, sneakers, and loafers and still look fashionable. To have a trendy look, you need to know how to pair and match your outfits accordingly. With some items like denim jeans and blazers that you already have, you can still appear to have a trendy look.


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