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There are people who are simply adored by the camera. Sadly, the less fortunate ones frequently look awful on practically every photo. That can be quite upsetting, especially if you’re the type of person who loves to be in front of the camera.

So, once you become a photographer, you quickly realize how is photogenic and who isn’t. Those who are usually do not require too much time when it comes to taking pictures. On the other hand, individuals who are non-photogenic require a lot of time.

You have to carefully analyze their face, features, find the right angle and light and all these things can often be too tiresome. On a more positive note, there are some steps you can take to look much better. Follow this advice to make a change!

Powder Your Nose

You cannot come across a lot of people who can make shiny skin look good in photographs. Even they find this issue too burdensome. Therefore, if you have shiny skin, you should take a tissue and apply it to your T zone.

It is something that can be done quickly and works perfectly! On the other hand, if you’re a fan of lipsticks, make sure to avoid brown or red colors. They simply aren’t photogenic. More importantly, they make your lips look thinner and give them some sort of pinched look.

Hence, it would be recommendable to employ transparent or lighter lip gloss. Another thing to consider is the smoky eye. It almost always looks impeccable in images. It makes you look mysterious and provides a photo with an interesting contrast.

Visual Flow Presets

The corporation blasted off by SLR and DVLP lounge has created “The Modern Pack” which represents a series of ten presets for both Adobe Camera Raw and Lightroom. Namely, these VFPresets are different from anything else that can be currently seen on the market because they do not require any ideal weather condition or lighting. Their main goal is to make the look of the chosen preset regardless of any lighting conditions in the input picture.

Another great thing about these presets is that they are relatively easy to use. A lot of programs these days require time to master. Fortunately, that’s not the case with these ones. Utilizing presets will allow you to immediately get started in the program and edit your pictures. Frequently, one click is enough to get your photographs to a 90% state.

Get Used To Taking Pictures First

Doing this may be a bit intimidating at first, but it’s important to step outside your comfort zone. Go to the city center and pose in front of a group of people. You know that everybody is watching, but who cares?

Now, if you think that this may trigger anxiety then maybe you should opt for places with less foot traffic. Not everybody is confident enough to be able to strike a pose literally in front of everybody.

Just remember that in time, things will get easier. The more you do this, the more you’ll get comfortable. You will see how eventually your confidence will begin to grow and you will start to feel more natural in front of the camera.

Figure Out Your Best Angle And Side

Most people have that one friend who constantly insists on switching sides before you take any pictures. He or she always wants to make sure he/she stands on the good side. Well, no matter how funny or silly this may sound to you, your friend has a point.

One of the best ways to look good on any image is to figure out what is your best angle in front of the lens. How can you determine that? Simply by constantly turning your head slightly, posing in front of the mirror, smiling, etc. Once you figure that out, things will become much easier.

Utilize Phone Applications

Most people are prone to using them, however, there are those individuals who are still quite hesitant about them and they shouldn’t be. Why is that? Well, it’s because they can mean the huge difference between an average photo and a spectacular one.

Nowadays, there are numerous alternatives for re-touching and taking pictures on your cell phone. When it comes to your mobile phone, possibly the best apps for this purpose are VSCO and ProCamera.

Both of these applications are going to allow you to take control over several elements, such as exposure, shutter speed, white balance, ISO, and many other things. This just goes to show that you can accomplish a much clearer photograph than you could by employing your default camera.

An Important Question: Where Is The Camera?

If you are standing and the camera is right above you, you are probably going to get squished and look much shorter, which is not the look you want to accomplish. Therefore, it would be recommendable to have the lens at chest height to prevent any form of deformations.

On the other hand, if by any chance you are sitting then this angle (above) is actually preferable. In that case, you should lift your head toward the lens because that’s where the light typically comes from.

Once this occurs, it is going to hit all the right angles and enhance the look of your jaw. Furthermore, this is also an amazing piece of advice for anybody who wants to take a selfie.

Do Not Just Smile

Everybody agrees that a smile is a lovely “asset”, however, it doesn’t mean that you should only rely on it. There are so many different facial expressions that you can benefit from. For instance, pretend like you are continuously laughing, having fun, or if not, a tiny, soft smile will do the job.

No matter what you decide to do, do not stick with just a smile. Furthermore, you should open your mouth a little bit to look more natural. And if you want to make everything more convincing, bring your friend along who is able to make you laugh.

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