Aquamarine Rings- All You Need To Know About The March Birthstone


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Every month has its own unique birthstone associated with it, and those lucky enough to have emerged into the world in March can call aquamarine theirs.

There are many meanings and attributes associated with aquamarine, and if you want to buy a ring featuring this precious gem, it is a good idea to learn all about it beforehand.

To bring you up to speed, here are a few of the key facts about aquamarine that you can share with your friends.

Significant symbolism

There is something innately soothing about the gentle blue hue of aquamarine, as expressed amazingly in rings available from Diamondere. While other birthstones can be intense to the point of overbearing, this is a subtler but no less beautiful example that brings to mind a bright summer’s sky, or the light blue waves of a tropical ocean.

It should be no surprise that over the centuries, the color of aquamarine has come to be associated with youthfulness, as well as being adopted as a symbol for immortality, because of the endless possibilities that its connection to the heavens suggests.

Other associations, with positive traits like faithfulness, ambition and a sense of hope, are also wrapped up in aquamarine. This is likely why it is popular not only because of its birthstone associations, but also because it is seen as a good gift to reflect the relationship bonds between happy couples.


While sky-blue coloring is most commonly associated with aquamarine stones, there is a degree of variety in this family of gemstones, meaning that some examples will veer towards the greener end of the spectrum, while others will be an inkier blue.

The impression of the color intensity and the brilliance of the stone are also defined more by the size than you might imagine, with larger aquamarines appearing to be brighter and richer in their coloring than their more compact counterparts.

Ring options

Choosing an aquamarine ring because it is your birthstone is a good idea, although you might be surprised by just how many different jewelry designs are available with this gem onboard.

Everything from engagement rings and wedding rings that match other accessories, to vintage-inspired rings that combine aquamarines with other stones, such as diamonds, can be found on the modern market.

You will also need to weigh up the merits of the various cuts that are on offer. Round or oval aquamarines have that classic look, while heart or pear-shaped stones have a little more uniqueness to them, and may be worth considering if you want to stand out.

The lighter color of this gem makes it best suited to being set in white gold, silver or platinum bands, rather than standard gold, although you can mix things up if your personal style dictates otherwise.

So there you have it; aquamarine is an enviable birthstone to have, with some reassuring symbolism, an esoteric aesthetic and a comparatively accessible price point, making it suitable regardless of the month you were born in.


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