How to Carefully Apply Pre Made Fan Lashes


How to Carefully Apply Pre Made Fan Lashes

If correctly applied, eyelash extensions give a dramatic effect that immediately upgrades your look. Beautiful lashes have become the latest standard within the fashion and beauty industry. Eyelashes are so outstanding that you can shrug off the daily eye makeup process when using them. Ladies want those long, luscious lashes but need it done easily.

Pre-made fans lashes are the new big thing since they are more natural-looking and long-lasting. Like everything else, practice makes perfect. The best results come after participating in a lash extension course where you can learn all the tricks of this art form. 

This article is all about this must-have for eyelash lovers and how to apply them carefully.

What are Pre Made Fan Lashes?

Unlike the usual eyelash extensions that come as individual lashes, pre-made fan lashes come as a cluster of lashes, linked to form a “fan”. You might hear them referred to as pro-made lashes or pre-made volume fans. They are easily applied with little more than adhesive and can be worn for much longer times. 

Why Use Pre Made Fan Eyelashes?

They do not only reduce the time required for lash applications, but they give clients outstanding results. This means that the artist can generate more income since shorter appointments allow more sessions to take place during a working day. Though pre-made fan lashes are costlier than their counterparts, the trade-off is that you get to work on more people.

Lash technicians might even choose to make the fans themselves before appointments. They can do this in the evenings to accelerate things during work hours. However, there should be variety in their designs since variations between eye shapes exist and clients might also have specifications regarding length.

During training, technicians need to start practising on clients as soon as possible, and pre-made fan eyelashes are quick and easy to apply. Clients who opt for this type of lash extensions are great for trainees. 

Applying Pre Made Fan Lashes

Though they are ingenious additions to a makeup routine, just like with other products, there are elements to take note of before applying them. Some people report an issue with the lashes, and it is typically related to how they were applied. 

Pre-made fans are not very flexible, so there is difficulty with them adapting to the different textures of natural lashes. Choosing the right eyelashes can be an issue. A lot of what is on the market has a thick base to allow for more bonding. However, this translates to more weight and can result in early dropouts.

For maximum retention, here are some pro tips:

  • Endeavour to separate each lash properly. Do not attach a fan to several individual natural lashes as that can cause permanent damage.
  • Be careful with the quantity of glue you use. Make it too little, and you get poor retention, but if you use too much, lashes could get stuck together. Apply the adhesive to only the bottom 2 – 3mm of the fan.
  • During extension application, apply a fresh drop of adhesive at 15 – 20 minutes intervals.
  • Ensure you get a proper base attachment, a minimum of 2mm, with no gaps between the extension and natural eyelash. 
  • Use only fresh glue, i.e. bottle opened within four weeks. Store your glue away from sunlight in a cool, dry place. If your bond becomes stringy, then you know that it has gone bad. This kind of glue will not adhere to eyelashes properly.
  • Use a hygrometer to check the temperature and humidity in your studio. Ensure that it is the recommended range of 20 – 24 degrees celsius room temperature and 55% RH. There should be good air movement during the application process. 
  • A great practice is shaking your adhesive vigorously for a minimum of 30 seconds or using an electric glue mixer before applying it to lashes. 


Essential tools needed for an application process include:

  • Eyepatches for the undereye to catch any lashes that fall.
  • High-quality glue
  • Eyelash extensions of all lengths
  • Tweezers 
  • Degreaser 
  • Disinfectant

Application Process

Select lashes based on their lengths and the lash line area. They vary between 8mm and 14mm. Shorter strands are placed at the inner eye corner while the longest ones are put at the centre for the best look. Use a lash mapping technique to visualize the placements of each lash before you begin.  

Put eye patches in place then gently pick up lashes using a pair of tweezers. Beginners are advised to use straight tweezers. Picking up should be done at a 90-degree angle to prevent damage. 

Better results come with less glue, so choose a high-quality product. Separate lashes with a curved tweezer to create space between the lashes to put the extensions in. Ensure they merge with the natural lash and be at least 1mm above its base. It takes about 4 minutes for the glue to dry.


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