Denim is one of the most versatile fabrics when it comes to clothing, and jeans are a garment that are popular all over the world. They have been a part of most people’s wardrobe all their lives, and though some people wear them much more often than others, they are a part of clothing that we hold dear.
Since the first pair of jeans were created by Levi Strauss over 150 years ago, they have become one of fashion’s most iconic and cultural pieces of clothing. Over the years, fashions have come and gone, but jeans have been one consistent factor. Today, there are many different types of style that we can choose from.


Women and jeans


Though the original jeans created by Levi Strauss were actually made for the gold prospectors in San Francisco during the famous gold rush of the 1950s, it wasn’t until 1934 that the company actually produced the first pair of jeans to be worn exclusively by women.
Since then, they have been produced by some of the most famous names in clothing, including various other brands of denim including Lee and Wrangler, as well as designer brands such as Versace, Armani and Hilfiger. In this article, we will take a look at the most popular styles of women’s jeans.


Boot Cut

These are a popular style of jean for women and men, and are named so as they are the perfect type to wear with a pair of boots. They are a style that has been popular for many decades, and can be worn by women with literally any type of body size, not just tall and slim. The fit is one that is narrow around the thigh area, but which then starts to widen out below the knee area. You can find lots of top quality jeans over at the freddy wear jeans website, including the popular boot cut style.

Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans are a relatively new style of jeans that haven’t been around for that long. They are stretchable and have a figure hugging silhouette that fits nicely around the waist. The small openings at the bottom are very stretchy so you won’t have any problem getting your feet through. These jeans are very popular with women who have slender figures or long legs. You can also find skinny jeans that are cropped, with this type giving you the opportunity to wear them with a tall pair of boots.

Wide Leg jeans

These create a baggy type of look, which a number of people prefer instead of the figure hugging style of skinny jeans. Wide legs jeans are more a summer choice, where you can wear them with a loose airy top. They are generally very comfortable to wear, and not as restrictive as other styles of jeans.

High Rise Wide leg jeans

Similar to the wide leg jeans, these ones are a high-rise version, with the crop at around the level of mid shin. They are very popular during warm weather, and can be worn with a nice pair of sandals or trainers. They are airy, have lots of room and are a style that has become very popular over the past few years.

Flared Jeans

These are often seen as a nod back to the 1970’s, when life was a lot different, and in most cases, less chaotic than we find it today in 2020. Flares will open out at the cut at the bottom, while hugging the waist area. The size of flare can vary, with some being exceptionally large. One great thing about flared jeans is that they are a style that can be worn by mostly every woman, regardless of size or height.

Boyfriend jeans

These are one of the newer styles of jeans and one that are proving to be very popular. They offer comfort and style, as well as being snug around the waist, but with a looser cut than something such as a pair of skinny jeans or straight cut jeans. They are great for all types of figure, and you can pick them up in different styles, such as the distressed look, or decorated with embroidery or other patterns, as well as being available in faded colours.

High-rise jeans

These are jeans that will sit nicely on your waistline, just above your navel area. They are a popular choice with women who may be on the slightly shorter or plumper scale, as it can help to create an appearance of longer legs, as well as make the stomach or bottom seem a little less rounded.

Mid-rise jeans

These are similar to high-rise jeans, but the waist will sit just below the navel area, rather than above. This mid-rise style is one that can help with women who have wider hips, and can give them a slightly slimmer look. They are the most popular choice of jeans for women, and look great on all sizes, heights and shapes.

Low-rise jeans

This style of jean, which is sometimes known as Brazilian jeans, will sit a couple of inches below the navel area, and are something that are best worn for more casual or relaxed moments, rather than for work. The jeans help to create the appearance of a longer waist, and are the more sensual choice compared to mid or high-rise.

Classic straight jeans

These are the classic type of jean, similar to the high-rise style in terms of fitting. The legs of these will go all the way past the ankles, and are certainly one that offers a more authentic or retro look when compared with some of the more modern and newer types of jean.

Distressed jeans

These are jeans that have the worn out or distressed look. There are usually different extremes of distress when it comes to jeans. Sometimes they might just have a few rips and tears across the front thigh areas of the denim. Sometimes the worn look is a little more intense, with lots of rips across the front and back. This type of look is usually found on types such as boot cut, or straight leg jeans, but you could also find it on other styles. You could even create this look yourself with a pair of scissors.

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