Why Consider Tattoo Removal?


We make fashion statements all the time without realizing it. Those who have tattoos they are not proud of or that they wish they could cover up have to always be aware of the statement their tattoos are making. 

It’s not just the design of the tattoo they have to be aware of but also what simply having a tattoo says about them. People will judge you for your tattoos. Whether that is fair or not is another matter entirely. The fact is it happens. 

Looking for tattoo removal in Singapore? There are some great options that enable you to cover up and remove the tattoos you’d rather not show to the world or to those closest to you.

What might be a good reason to consider having you tattoos removed? Here are a few factors to bear in mind as you agonize over the decision to get rid of what has been a part of you.

Old Flame, New Flame

Would you want your new boyfriend or girlfriend to meet your ex? Probably not. If you have a tattoo of their name or (perish the thought) their face anywhere on your body, it’s like your bringing our ex home with you every day. Your new relationship will have a difficult time weathering the presence of your ex, especially if the tattoo is someplace visible. 

Tattoo removal can help to make the tattoo almost invisible, and that can be a big help as you try to deal with the challenges of the new relationship. Getting rid of an ex’s tattoo on your body can be a great way to show commitment to a new flame and can illustrate that you are over the old relationship and ready to move on. It’s a great way to purge the past and many of its complication, regrets and pains. 

It’s Your Resume

If you are hoping to get a job where you will be visible, then you may want to reconsider your tattoos. Any tattoos that are visible through normal work clothes may pose a problem. They might not be permitted at some workplaces, or you may be asked to cover them up. How easy is it going to be to cover up a tattoo on your hand, ankle or face? Tattoo removal may be the obvious choice.

Consider that you are up against other people for the same job. They may be just as qualified, and the potential employer might be thinking about how only one of the applicants has visible tattoos that conflict with the company’s messaging or policies. Those tattoos can make it easy for a potential employer to eliminate  you from the applicant pool. Often, they are looking for reasons to say “no” to applicants so that their decision is easier. Covering or removing your tattoos makes you a stronger candidate for the job, in many instances. 

Never Liked It Anyway

Your tattoo may not be holding you back from a job or preventing your relationship from moving forward, but you could still be unhappy with it. Maybe the tattoo artist was more amateur than professional and didn’t do a very good job. Shoddy work is not something you want permanently displayed on your body.

Poor spelling, sloppy art or a poor likeness are all reasons to remove a tattoo and start over again. This is the kind of regret you don’t have to keep living with if you just go through the process of having it removed. 

If you are wanting to have a tattoo removed, you can go to the top  aesthetic clinic in Singapore, 1Aesthetics Medical & Surgery. A consultation will help you understand the costs, the procedure and how many sessions you will need to go through to get your tattoo removed. Larger, darker tattoos will take longer, require more sessions and be more expensive to remove. You may just want to remove part of the tattoo or alter it rather than have the entire thing removed, just to save some time and money. 

Once you have had that initial consultation, though, you will know what your options are and be able to proceed from there. The important thing to keep in mind, however, is that you don’t have to be stuck with a tattoo you no longer want. 

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