6 Reasons Why You Can’t Just Wear Anything When You Surf


Are you a surfer? Then you need to understand that you cannot wear anything like a surfing costume. Although surfing is a sport for fun, your health and safety should be factored in when purchasing the costumes. Outlined below are various reasons why you need to get the proper attire.

To Give You Sun Protection

Surfing is done on sunny days, especially during summer. If you do not put on the right clothing to protect your skin from sunlight, you will end up with skin burns and other complications. Experts from recommend that you purchase the correct rash guards to protect you from the harsh UV sun rays. Even after getting the proper attire, Consider surfing early morning or late evening when the sun rays aren’t severe. Get some leggings for your surfing trip, and have some memorable moments with no sunburns.

Surfing Clothes Can Act As Multi-Purpose Wear

With surfing clothes, you do not need to worry about changing them in one area to another. You can wear them from your home or hotel and move on them anywhere, comfortably. You can wear them in airports, in towns, in other travel destinations, and play other recreational activities such as yoga for the beginners. What’s more? They are the best in case you would want to use them in a cold room, especially after a hard day’s work. Next time when you are worrying about how to carry your surfing clothes, wear them on and embark on your journey to the ocean. You don’t need to have sets of clothes when you can take one type.

Surfing Clothes Prevent Board Rash

When you are surfing, your body experiences some friction with the surfing board. If you don’t have the right surfing clothes, you end up getting bruises and scratches on knees, thighs, and other sensitive areas. Surfing wear helps to prevent this. It absorbs the bruises, preventing them from happening into your skin. Always have a change of clothing after you are done surfing or taking a break to avoid the rashes. The bruises and scratches often occur when you use a stiff, old surfing board, which probably has sand scratches and other defects. Ensure you get a board that has no flaws and the surfing clothing to maintain your smooth body.

Surfing Wear Protects Modesty

Especially for ladies, surfing enables you to protect your dignity. During surfing, you end up having vigorous movements caused by the waves. If you don’t have proper clothing, some private parts of your body may get exposed to the public, especially in many surfers and spectators.


Surfing wear mostly leggings are made to stay intact, no matter the wave. They are more robust and intact as compared to other types of clothing. There is no need to expose your bottom and other private areas when you can just put on the surfing wear and enjoy the fun without worries.


Makes You Look Good And Comfortable

Probably you are asking, are we supposed to look good when surfing? Well, generally, surfing wear is not about looking good but protecting oneself. But who doesn’t like looking good? Not me. By putting on the right surfing clothes, you will look stylish and get you comfortable with the activity ahead, which is surfing. For ladies, a pair of surfing leggings are more comfortable than walking with bikinis or swimsuits. I hope the point is exact now. Get some right clothes, be comfortable, look good and give the best in the game. That’s all about surfing.

Protects You From The Reef

Have you ever been thrown on hard rock unknowingly? How did it feel? Of course, it hurts. That’s what you will get when you don’t wear the right surfing clothes. Waves are unpredictable. Sometimes, you don’t exactly get what you plan for. You might end up being thrown into the rock or stumbling on hard surfaces while surfing. With the right-wear, you won’t feel any pain when such happens. Without these clothes, hell might break loose. Right clothing also helps you from creatures such as sea lice, stings from jellyfish, and other predicaments.


We hope the above five points have given you a hint of why you should not put on any clothing during surfing. Board Surfing is a fun sport that anyone can enjoy. But without the right dress, you will end up suffering other than surfing. Use the tips wisely and get the right gear and clothing next time you head into the shore.


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