Cardi B Covers ELLE Magazine September 2020 Issue


Cardi B Covers ELLE Magazine September 2020 Issue


Cardi B is featured on  the cover of  the September 2020 edition  of Elle Magazine . The issue was photographed by  fashion photographer  Steven Klein   along with being styled by  Kollin Carter . Tokyo Stylez was the hairstylist ,  with makeup  provided by  Erika La’Pearl.  Jenny Bui did Cardi.”s  nails . Mary Howard and Kyle Hagemeier at MHS Artists provided set design, with production by Travis Kiewel and Roberto Javier Sosa at That One Production.

I bring something different. I am me, and that’s how I’ve been since the club. I know when I get on the stage, I don’t give a fuck if the next bitch, or the bitch before me, was better than me. I know I’m going to get my coins. I know I’m bad because I’m different. I do different moves. I got a different bod. So, when these women are teasing everything, it’s expected. Don’t think that you’re going to have all the money in the strip club. Don’t think that every man is going to only give you the money. So don’t expect you to be the only one who’s going to hold number one on the Billboard [charts]. You’ve got to be confident in your own craft. – Cardi B



Photography © Steven Klein for ELLE Magazine, for more visit:

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