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Tapping into her spirituality and inspirations from nature, American designer Donna Leah creates one of a kind gowns and accessories that communicate a sense of deep power and confidence.  Her designs are meant for women of all ages who embrace their individuality and are their own superhero.

“For me, growing up in a conservative household made it difficult to express myself.  I love the idea of a shawl being a cape. Powerful colors and interesting textures give me the power to feel happy.  There is no specific place or time of day to wear Donna Leah Designs. It’s about wearing what you love and how it makes you feel,” she explains.

A graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) the American designer chose to base her brand in Miami where the dynamic energy of the city sparks her concepts.  Collections for ready-to-wear and eveningwear are inspired by the power of nature.  All pieces feel powerful, yet feminine, with bold colors and textures are the unifying statement for the brand.  “Heaven,” Donna Leah’s favorite piece, features a stunning sequin gown with matching cape in mauve, a color she identifies with love and passion. Other pieces in the collection follow suit in their bold hues with designs that are meant to make the wearer contented no matter the time of day.


Donna Leah has a passion for the arts and celebrity, having shown her collections at the Grammy Awards and Oscars in 2019.  Numerous celebrities are fans of her brand including Tanya Tucker, Cindy Lauper, Aerosmith, Roots, Cheap Trick, and Sharon Osbourne. You can shop her designs HERE


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