Makeup Brand For Women Of Color : NYZA COSMETICS


Nyza Cosmetics Is A New Beauty Brand Created For Black Women . Nyza Means Gift From God; Beautiful; Lovable. Nyza Cosmetics Will Produce Beauty Products For Women Of Color. NYZA COSMETICS Was Created Specifically To Meet The Needs Of Women Of Color



N With ‘N’ as initial, there is a wish for new experiences, these people always being involved in latest things.
Y The letter Y has an aura of youthfulness and joyfulness, a frame of mind that should last a lifetime.
Z This ‘Z‘ indicates that one is most certainly a person of their own opinions and tends to give more prominence to rational thoughts than to feelings.
A As this letter resonates with the energy of the number 1, and being the starter of the alphabet, needless to say it channels a sharp spirit of competition.

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