How To Be Build a Fashionable And Functionable Closet 


How to be Build a Fashionable and Functionable Closet 

Are fashionable and functional clothes a fantasy? Is there a stylish outfit you can actually wear comfortably, without counting down the minutes until you can throw on sweatpants?


Yes, fashionable and functionable outfits exist outside of your daydreams. It just takes a little fashion finesse. By learning a few techniques, you can maximize the fashion and functionality of your wardrobe. This guide will show you how. 


Check out these style strategies and get ready to become a high-functioning fashion addict.


#1 Closet Cleanout

The first step to a more functional and fashionable wardrobe? Saying good-bye to the clothes that don’t work for you anymore. Go through your closet and try on everything. Yeah, that means everything. Don’t forget to move around to see how comfortable the clothes are. Then, take a look in the mirror. Ask yourself two important questions:


“Do I look good in this?”

“Do I feel good in this?” 


If you answered “yes” to both questions, then put that outfit back in the closet. Throw the “no” clothes in the donation pile. And don’t look back. 


Your closet might be a lot roomier afterwards, but that’s okay. Having a limited selection of pieces will force you to get creative. You’ll put together stylish and functional outfits you had never thought of before.

#2 Go Back to Basics

When it comes to fashion and function, you can’t go wrong with the essentials. According to the style experts, every woman’s closet should have a few basic items they can dress up or down for any occasion. 


Take a look at this basic list of essentials and see what you may already have:


Starter-Kit for the Essential Fashionable & Functional Closet


  1. Black Bra
  2. Nude Bra
  3. White T-shirt
  4. Button Up Shirt
  5. Dark Jeans
  6. Black Pants
  7. Knee-Length Skirt
  8. Little Black Dress
  9. Black Pumps
  10. Simple Flats
  11. Ankle Boots
  12. Jean Jacket


The essentials are considered essential because they’re classic. Plus, you can do so much with them. Pair a jean jacket with a little black dress and you’ve got a perfect date night outfit. Throw black pumps on with your white t-shirt and black jeans and you’ll be the most fashionable person at happy hour. If you need a place to start, Oak + Fort has everything you need to outfit an essential wardrobe. 


When in doubt, go back to basics. Start with these items and see where your functional fashion journey takes you. 


#3 Fit is Fashion

A well-fitted white t-shirt can be a thousand times more fashionable than a couture dress. If the dress doesn’t fit, the whole look becomes awkward and disjointed. But a well-fitted t-shirt shows off your body’s best features and elevates a classic look. If you have to choose between fit and fashion, always choose fit. 


Take a look at these companies that know there’s nothing more fashionable (and functional) than a perfect fit:


  • Birdies, for Shoes as Cute as They Are Comfortable – Throw away those heels that always make your feet a pinched and blistery mess. Birdies offers flats and slides so chic they make your red pumps look frumpy. The best part? They’re unbelievably comfortable. Now that’s functional fashion.
  • Lulalu, for Bras That Actually Fit – Bras are the foundation of every outfit. And if you’re someone who sometimes has to shop for clothes in the petite section, this company was made for you. Lulalu is a company that specializes in underrepresented sizes, especially sizes A, AA, and AAA. So if your body needs a 34AA bra to go with your classic T-shirt, jeans, and pumps outfit, look no further than Lulalu.



  • Eshakti, for a Custom Wardrobe –  Stop shopping online for clothes, choosing a size, and hoping for the best. Eshakti, a custom clothing company, asks for your exact measurements. The company then makes the item according to your specifications. That’s right, you can buy clothing that is literally made for you.



Fashionable or Functional, Wear What You Love

Fashion is about self-expression. So as you start your functional fashion journey, don’t forget to ask yourself what pieces you love and why you love them. The more you learn about what outfits feel true to who you are, the closer you’ll be to achieving something even better than a functional and fashionable wardrobe—your own unique style. 

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