Camping In Style: Camping Essentials You Need To Look Good & Be Comfortable When Camping


Camping in Style: The camping essentials you need to look good and be comfortable when camping

Have you heard of glamping? It is glamorous camping for people who don’t want to camp the old-fashioned way. Camping is truly a national pastime for individuals from all professions. It combines some of their favorite activities: travel, adventure, sight-seeing, fitness and 4WD adventures.

Yet, camping doesn’t have to be cold, dirty and uncomfortable by any means. This is the new age of glamping where the lines between camping and comfort are blurred, owing to luxurious camping and hiking solutions.

So, here’s how you can glamp in 2020:

Immerse In Nature With Luxurious Hammocks:

After all the hiking, walking and adventure you have earned your right to chill and nothing beats the comfort of a luxurious and stylish hammock. If you are picturing the good, old hammocks here then you are in for a surprise. Modern, innovative hammocks are lightweight, durable and able to handle the load capacity of up to 200kgs.

The fabric is soft and breathable and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes too. They are available in both one- and two-person hammocks and hammock tents. It is important to pick something that is not only stylish but safe and sturdy to hold you and your stash inside.  While single hammocks do just fine, double hammocks provide a greater weight limit and more room.


The word tents is an understatement to describe these ultra-luxurious residences in the outdoors.  They have it all. Modern tents have redefined luxury and you have a range of amenities from futuristic hanging pods to tree hammocks. From futuristic hanging pods to tree hammocks, these nine tents will have you thinking about camping in a whole new way.

The new-age tents are spacious and you don’t necessarily need tent poles. You have the option of Air Tents that have inflatable beams. So easy to put together and take down.

And if you don’t know where to start, then here’s a list of the best brands for camping tents.

Camping Cots

A comfortable camping cot is as necessary as the trend itself. Not only does it provide the comfort inside the camp, but when you want to enjoy the peace and quiet outside.

However, many people wake up stiff when the cot is not comfortable. So pick a cot that has extra support and stash pockets. Things to look for include a support pad that is plush, quick-drying and water resistant. You could also check for adjustable backs and change the incline settings to your preference. This way, you can transform a simple cot into a lounge chair.

If you have the habit of tossing and turning when you sleep, then you might want to look for an XXL cot.

Kitchen Accessories

If you like to cook in the wilderness, then you need the right kitchen accessories to set up your camping kitchen. First and foremost is the cooking stove. You will be surprised at the sheer variety and innovation in cooking stoves available for camping. The other important accessory is a propane tank. Carry a large, reserve propane tank for your camp stove so that you don’t have to change multiple tanks. Other cutting-edge tools include modern Dutch ovens, camping knives, fancy tableware, metal tongs, seasoning etc.


You don’t have to rough it out in the wild. You can have fun, adventure, fitness and comfort all in the new age of glamping.  Ensure you buy high-quality, durable gear and check reviews online before you make the purchase.




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