Hottest Burgundy Hair Shade Ideas for Modern Ladies


Nowadays having natural hair colours such as brown, blonde, and black is never a big deal. Things have taken a completely trail these days. Shading your hair is what makes you a real colour fashionista nowadays. And hair colours such as burgundy colour and tan are breathtaking and revolutionising the hair industry. The best thing is that you can go for different hair shades and still rock.

For many ladies, burgundy is something strange to them. Well, before you complete reading this article, you will have everything you should know about this unique colour, and why it is currently the talk of the town. To be precise, burgundy colour is a mixture of red and brown with some violet hue. It is a lighter colour of the maroon shade. Here are some burgundy hair colour inspirations for you.

Here come the hottest and stylish burgundy hair colour ideas for modern ladies. Scroll down for more.

Fabulous Burgundy Hair Colour Ideas for Stylish Ladies
  1. Violet Falls with Red Tips.

The amazing combination of red and violet is the best way to cascade your manes. You don’t have to worry about your complexion. This hair colour complements any skin complexion. The hair shade offers you an edgy style that is also trendy and wearable on any occasion. 

  1. Back Base and Red Hair.

Undoubtedly, short hair is classy and edgy, but when you include red colour in it, you make it even edgier. It provides red colour to the base maintaining the roots dark for a completely beautiful look. Use a winged eyeliner as it is the best one to pair for this haircut. You can apply this hair colour on ponytail as it allows you to rock bicolour style. It correctly reveals your red hue and black roots.

  1. Textured Burgundy Hair.

Whether you opt for a different shade or a single one, you will get an amazing style if you do it well. This hairstyle emphasises its magic on the eyes, and it really achieves the best results. The dark burgundy hair bangs get even darker as they move down. Besides, incorporating some red highlights to the ends makes this haircut even more adorable. 

  1. Beautiful Pulp Balayage.

We have seen different hair colour trends, but this technique incorporating darker base and lighter trimmings is trending right now. It is a real style that will make you a fashionista of your gang. The sleek manes incorporate more shine to the original colour of your hair. The red teased tips of this haircut appear completely stylish and fabulous. The haircut suits women with any skin complexion. Go for it, girl! 

  1. Sexy Violet Curls.

What do you get beyond burgundy hair colour? See more on Pinterest. Well, this combination of magenta and violet shades is, without a doubt, the next level technique for stylish women. This dynamic style will make sure everyone compliments you wherever you go. Just try it out.

  1. Blonde and Burgundy.

We know curls are adorable and always fun. However, incorporating highlights of your curls makes it even more classy and playful. Tell your colourist to incorporate the highlights in smaller strands. The duo gives a sensual combination and looks great on dramatic makeup and sexy eyes.

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  1. The Shiny Burgundy.

The glowing touch of this beautiful hair colour appears ridiculously appealing. Regardless of your skin tone, your manes will offer you a bold look for sure. Your hair is given shin when you allow it to be illuminated by the sun. It is a sexy style for everyday wear.

  1. Burgundy and Blonde Ringlets.

Burgundy hair colour never gets out of version when newer styles come. It is always adjusting to remain on-trend, and this colour combination proves that. The style gives you an adorable look with burgundy shade and combination of blonde ringlets. Always something to make you appear unique.

  1. Sleek Sombre.

Ombre has remained so common among ladies. Now it is the right time to consider something different and straightforward like the sombre look. Yes, shading the base dark and incorporating some traces of burgundy colour at the tips adds some flair to this style. Undoubtedly, you can rock this stunning hair colour and still experiment with your look.

  1. Burgundy and Maroon Cascades.

Burgundy and maroon cascades are something that every lady dreams of rocking. If you need it, not time to linger, get up and rock it. It is sassy and sexy.


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