Easy DIY Kim Kardashian-Inspired Fashion Hacks

While Kylie Jenner may be the world’s youngest self-made billionaire, it’s her older sister Kim who has been hailed as one of the most fashion-forward women in the world.  Whether you love or hate Kim Kardashian it is hard not to appreciate her incredible sense of style.  Strangely enough, it is only since Kim started dating now-husband Kanye West back in 2012 that she started to turn heads for all the right reasons as far as her clothing was concerned. Kim’s love for neutral tones, bold t-shirts, effortlessly layered ensembles, and statement pieces soon had women from across the world dying to dress just like her. Unfortunately, Kim’s clothes are, for the most part, all ridiculously expensive and therefore unattainable for a large part of the female population. Luckily there are a number of DIY fashion hacks that will enable any aspiring fashionista to follow in the footsteps of one of the world’s best-dressed women.

It’s all about the t-shirt

Kim is often seen sporting printed tees with designs ranging from subtle geometric shapes to bold sayings such as ‘Obama is My Homeboy’. If you want to channel your own inner nineties gal, combine an oversized t-shirt with a pair of comfortable cycle shorts or, for a more glamorous look, choose a tighter tee and fitted pants.  You can find cool shirts just about anywhere or, if you have some creative flair, you can even design and make your own shirts.  If you invest in a screen printer you will be able to print a range of fabulous tees for yourself and perhaps even start a small business by selling them to the public.  If, like Kim, you are a fan of the washed-out look you can also peruse your local vintage stores in search of some treasures to add to your wardrobe.


Everyone needs a blinged-up jacket.

Kim has always been known to push boundaries with her looks and her OTT studded leather jacket is a prime example of this.  With a price tag of nearly $11,000 clearly not everyone will be able to afford Kimmy’s biker jacket that is adorned with countless studs, patches, and painted-on phrases.  Luckily it will cost you a fraction of the price if you bedazzle your own leather or denim jacket yourself. Studs and patches are not expensive to buy and with a bit of imagination, you can turn your boring jacket into one that even Kim would approve of.  Pair your jacket with a plain white tee and bike shorts for a casual yet cool look or wear it with shredded jeans and a pair of killer heels to make a more striking statement.

Shredded jeans are a DIY dream

While the rest of the world was fixated on ripped jeans, Kim took things one step further and opted to wear jeans that were completely shredded.  If you have a pair of pretty pins you want to show off but don’t want to wear a skirt or dress, a pair of these leg-revealing jeans will definitely do the job.  Kim usually pairs her jeans with a simple shirt, killer heels, and basic jewelry to ensure that all focus firmly remains on her legs. If you don’t want to spend a fortune on a pair of shredded jeans you can make your own with any pair of jeans you already have at home.  Simply gather your supplies, including scissors, a utility knife, tweezers, and a marker and get making your own pair of unique and budget-friendly shredded jeans.

It is with very good reason that Kim K is seen as one of the world’s more fashionable women. Luckily it is easy enough to replicate some of her greatest looks, even when on a rather tight budget.


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