The Cartier Magnitude Dinner In London


 Letitia Wright  , Claire Foy , and Lily Collins  were in attendance at a gala dinner to celebrate Cartier’s presentation of their new collection of fine jewelry ‘Magnitude,’ on Thursday (June 13) at London’s Shoreditch Hall.

Letitia Wright in  A. Teodoro Fall 2019

Claire Foy in  Simone Rocha Fall 2019

Lily Collins wore  Elie Saab Fall 2018 Haute Couture 

Photo: François Goizé

GoizéElla Balinska

Photo: François Goizé

Iris Law

Photo: François Goizé

Mimi Xu

Photo: François Goizé

Amelia Windsor

Photo: François Goizé

Peter Dundas, Bianca Brandolini, Evangelo Bousis, and Alexia Niedzielski


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