Create Your Dream Closet in Any Sized Space


Create Your Dream Closet in Any Sized Space

When people make renovations to their homes, 75 percent do so to make improvements or alterations (rather than for necessary repairs). One popular home makeover item is the creation of a dream closet. However, due to space and budget limitations, many individuals think that this isn’t a possibility for their home. While most don’t have the resources to hire a contractor to build a bedroom-sized walk in closet, there are tricks that you can use to create a stunning space for your clothing. As you prepare for your summer wardrobe, check out three techniques anyone can use to create their dream closet.

Get creative with your clothing storage

Experts recommend that all walk-in closets should be at least 6 1/2 feet wide. Unfortunately, many apartments and smaller homes do not have sufficient space to create a closet of this size. Rather than sticking with the closet that was provided in your bedroom, get creative about which spaces in your home could be used as a closet. Do you have a home office or storage room that is never used? You can easily turn it into a closet. Do you have an extra bathroom or space in your basement that could be converted into a closet? With a bit of work, you can change almost any unused area of your home into a large, walk-in closet. If you ultimately choose to relocate your closet to a different space in your home, inspect the area first to prevent damage. In addition to the home interior, check the exterior for possible leaks. This includes having all outdoor gutters cleaned, since clogged gutters can cause roof leaks and interior water damage.

Expand your bedroom closet on any budget

Whether you have $10’s or $1,000’s to spend on upgrading your current closet situation, what is most important is having the right strategies. If you have a large budget to spend on expanding your closet area, it is best to call a trusted local contractor to meet your needs. However, this option usually costs $1,000+ to achieve. For a more budget-friendly approach, you can hang curtain panels from your ceiling to create an enclosed space in an area of your bedroom. If it works with your floor plan, you can connect the panels to your current closet. Next, add stylish free standing racks to hang your clothing. From there, you can add shelves above the racks to store shoes, jewelry, and other accessories. If you or someone you know is handy, you can opt to build shelves and custom storage cubes instead.

Add paint, lighting, quality hangers, and other fun accessories

Once your main closet structure is in place, you can begin decorating it to reflect your individual style. Prior to adding your clothing and accessories, make sure to paint your closet (if you want to change the color). Neutral colors often look best for closet spaces. You can also find inexpensive and attractive lighting fixtures and accessories to add even more of your personality. Finally, for an extra layer of luxury, invest in high-quality hangers for your clothing. Rather than using plastic hangers, decorative hangers can transform an ordinary closet into your dream closet. 

Whether you live in a studio apartment or a standard home, there is always a way to upgrade your closet space. Rather than settling for what you have now, a little bit of work could help you create the closet space you’ve always wanted.


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