Celebrity Wedding Proposals To Be Inspired By


Celebrity Proposals To Be Inspired By

Love still tops the list of reasons why Americans get married, with around 88% of people being ‘struck by Cupid’ before they tie the knot. While romance is alive as ever, Americans are staying single a little longer, largely as the result of a wish for greater stability, having a home etc. before heading down the aisle. If you have been waiting for what seems like forever to celebrate a wedding and the timing is finally right, why not find the inspiration you need for a romantic engagement by taking your cue from your favorite celebrities?

Challenging Traditional Roles

If celebrity news thrills you, then you undoubtedly know that actress Kristen Bell proposed to her long-time love Dax Shepard following the Supreme Court ruling that declared the ban on same-sex marriage unconstitutional. Your groom probably won’t really be expecting you to get down on bended knee but if you feel inclined, why not give him the surprise of a lifetime? Choose a place that means something to him. You may not be able to hire a stadium the way Kanye did for Kim, but you can always take him to the place you had your first kiss, take him to an alfresco, candlelit terrace for a romantic dinner, or wait until a romantic weekend away for two to pull out a stylish ring.

Picking a Unique Ring

Brad Pitt managed to make his engagement uber special (twice!) by designing a bespoke engagement ring for Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie. If you are on a budget, there is no reason why you can’t give your future spouse ‘a ring with a difference’. The key lies in matching its style to your partner’s tastes. If delicate, classic styles are their passion, opt for a ring with a subtle diamond or a fine sparkling eternity band (don’t feel like you have to opt for a solitary diamond setting). If your loved one thinks an ideal date is one in the Great Outdoors, propose in a lush forest setting with a stylish wooden engagement ring – there are gorgeous designs that blend solid woods like American Elm or Grey Maple with gold or platinum. If he or she loves avante-garde designs, go for rings with unique shapes, curves, and bends – check out Ryan Reynold’s wedding and engagement rings for artistic inspiration.

Making it an Experience

For many couples, nothing beats a romantic dinner date with the groom getting down on bended knee to propose marriage, but you can add a splash of excitement or fun if you are after a different type of set-up. One of the most exhilarating engagements was undoubtedly that of Jersey Shore’s JWoww, who was proposed to by her husband Roger Mathews right after they had jumped out of a plane! Roger had written a message on the ground that was visible from the sky. It read, “Jenni will you marry me?”.  There are many ways you can make your proposal part of an experience. For instance, you might take a river cruise and propose as you approach a scenic bridge, or present your loved one with an engagement ring as your plane is taking off to a romantic getaway.

Whichever way you decide to propose, make sure the experience will be meaningful to you and your partner. Celebrities are an excellent source for inspiration, with some selecting special jewelry pieces and making the proposal part of an adrenaline-raising experience. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle recently told the world that their engagement was as simply as they come. They had just enjoyed a home-cooked meal when Harry popped the question. It just goes to prove that everyone has their own idea of what makes love and marriage magical.

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