A Designer Capsule Wardrobe Without Breaking The Bank


A Designer Capsule Wardrobe Without Breaking The Bank

It’s reported that the average individual discards seventy pounds of clothing each year creating not only environmental havoc but also a waste of money. Instead of buying hoards of clothes that never get worn, be more style savvy by creating a more minimalist capsule wardrobe with fewer items. Such a wardrobe edit could save you money and still allow you to keep up with current fashion trends.

What is a capsule wardrobe?

In the 1970s London boutique owner, Suzie Faux, introduced the concept of a minimal wardrobe consisting of about thirty timeless classics, versatile and practical items which create the staple of your everyday outfits. Items might include quality jeans, skirts, jackets and tops which can be worn together in a variety of ways depending on the occasion. Not only does an effective capsule wardrobe free up space, but it should also reduce the time it takes to find an outfit and reduce costs due to the need for fewer items.

The Lyst that counts

If you need style inspiration or are desperate to know the hot new trends, then look no further as Lyst is the guru of all things fashion. The Lyst Index uses buyer information of over five million shoppers a month to compile a quarterly list of the hottest designers, brands and products. It’s also useful to follow your favorite fashion icons in the public eye to see what current trends they are wearing.

Comfort is important 

It might be that animal prints are all the rage, but if you can’t stand them, then you’re not going to feel comfortable in them. Likewise, if skinny jeans are the must-have but they don’t suit your shape, then they may not be for you. Of course, it’s important for any fashion conscious individual to follow trends but not at the expense of feeling uncomfortable. Consider which fashion items you can afford and which will suit you and invest in one or two and add to your capsule wardrobe over time.

Keeping costs down 

Once you’ve decided on the hottest trends that will suit you for your capsule wardrobe, it’s time to shop. Not everyone can buy a selection of the most sought-after items and brands, so it’s important to select carefully what you need. If you want to take a capsule wardrobe seriously and choose to invest upfront in some quality pieces, to keep costs down in the long run, you could take out a loan with a fixed rate repayment scheme. Otherwise, there are many online companies which now specialize in second-hand designer fashion. Although eBay was one of the original sites for such items, now you can browse the Luxury Closet, EditSecondhand and many others for quality products at a significantly lower price.

Looking stylish and keeping up with designer fashion trends doesn’t have to cost the earth. Work out what the latest trends are by researching fashion sites and decide what you love and what will be a good investment for your capsule wardrobe. Invest in your favorites, whether it’s original or secondhand quality, and make a statement every day.



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