Why You Need Beauty Sleep For Fresh, Healthy-Looking Skin 




Why You Need Beauty Sleep For Fresh, Healthy-Looking Skin 

While you may rely on skincare and makeup for a fresh and youthful complexion, sleep is the real foundation of healthy skin. Sleep is essential for repairing, regenerating, and restructuring skin cells, so you wake looking refreshed and radiant. Adults need at least seven hours of sleep per night, but 40% of Americans get less than six, Forbes reports. The importance of sleep shouldn’t be underestimated — not just for beauty, but for boosting mental and emotional health and minimizing risk of age-related disease. Here’s how a good night’s sleep can give you your best skin yet.

Sleep repairs and renews skin

During sleep, dead skin cells are shed and replaced by new ones. Collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid are produced to maintain the plumpness, elasticity, and translucency of your skin. These molecules also prevent premature aging including lines, wrinkles, and sagging. You get a dose of melatonin to further keep age spots and fine lines at bay. Getting enough sleep also encourages oxygen and blood flow to the face which expels pollutants and free radicals lingering from the day. As a result, damage is repaired and you wake up in the morning fresh faced.

Sleep lowers cortisol levels

Sleep-deprived bodies produce more cortisol, an inflammatory stress hormone which causes acne or psoriasis. Cortisol also stimulates oil-producing sebaceous glands leading to clogged pores and breakouts. Not only does sleep prevent acne, but it also hydrates the skin. That’s why your complexion looks dull, dry, and dehydrated when you don’t get enough shut-eye. High cortisol levels also cause weight gain, fatigue, illness, and chronic disease.

Creating a bedroom for sleep 

A serene bedroom is essential for getting that beauty sleep. Make sure your room is cool, dark, and quiet. Use a humidifier to keep your skin hydrated overnight, which is particularly important in the winter. Make it a rule to keep electronics out of the bedroom. A firm mattress is essential for restful sleep; it supports your body and keeps your spine aligned therefore keeping back and joint pain at bay. Use silk pillows to minimize friction between your skin and the pillowcase and prevent wrinkles and fine lines. The silk fibers will also keep your hair smooth and avoid tangles and breakage.

Lastly, if you struggle to fall asleep, practice meditation or deep breathing exercises before bed. Not only will your skin be rejuvenated after a good night’s sleep, you’ll also experience improved mood and emotional well-being. Adopt a healthy sleep routine to look and feel great.


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