Alessandro Michele leads Gucci’s Renaissance and Influence On Fashion


Alessandro Michele was named Creadive Director of Gucci  on January 2015 .

He  recently won International Award at this year’s CFDA’s 2016. Michele has reinvented Gucci by  introducing a number of motifs and embroidery  to the brand  such as snakes, butterflies, bumblebees, jaguars and a variety of floral designs.


Gucci Spring 2016
Lady Bug on The Tie
Embroidered Gown
Vintage Inspiration
Gucci logo belt and shoes
Gucci logo belt
Gucci Shoes and bag
Gucci logo belt, bag and shoes

Michelle attended the Academy of Costume and Fashion in Rome. He was the  Senior Accessories Designer at Fendi where he worked  alongside   Silvia Venturini Fendi and Karl Lagerfeld  . In 2012  he joined  Gucci under Tom Ford .

He was tapped by Tom Ford in 2002 and moved to Gucci’s London-based Design Office. Michele  redesigned Gucci’s 280-year-old designs , having worked at the Gucci design studio  for over  12 years at various positions and  was responsible for revamping the accessories dept.   In 2006 he was named Leather Goods Design Director and promoted in May 2011 as Associate to then Creative Director Frida Giannini.

Alessandro in September 2014 took on the additional role of Creative Director of Richard Ginori—the fine Florentine porcelain brand acquired by Gucci in June 2013. He began in his position as leader of product offering and branding of Gucci, repositioning it for the luxury market with new collections and a new store design template.

Michele is not afraid  to push sexual boundaries  with designs that are fluid.  Gucci  recently filed to federally register  and trademark eight designs in the U.S., including: “The design of a striped snake on a stripe containing three distinctive band of colors, the colors being blue, red, then blue;”  along with “a horseshoe-shaped Dionysus design;” and  “a gold colored bee on top of a stripe containing three distinct bands of color with a red band in the middle of two blue bands;” . Gucci alfiled to trademark  a gold colored bee on a stripe containing three distinct bands of colors, the colors being green, red, then green;” “the design of a snake with stripes;” and “a tiger head,”

Michelle  “cat lady” sweaters and old fashioned tea dresses have sparked many of the global trends in women’s Ready-to-Wear. “It’s a game changer not just for the brand but for what’s happening for fashion in general,” says  Sarah Rutson, Net-a-Porter’s vice president of global buying.

Michele does not  like women  wearing  dark colors, and all black so he brought color to the runway and brand  with models rocking   bright colors  such as yellow and pink.

He is also inspired by Vintage  and accessories which he incorporates in his designs. He is also expanding the brand into  home furnishing design in a collaboration with shelter publication Cabana magazine.

Bejewelled Leopards
Gucci logo skirt
Snake motifs
Ruffled sweater and Gucci logo belt
Ruffled Sleeve
Embroidered Owl
Bejewelled Leopards

It was during the Gucci Men’s Fall/Winter 2015-16 runway show where Alessandro first revealed a new direction for the House.

Gucci Men’s Fall/Winter 2015-16

His full vision for Gucci  emerged during the Women’s Fall/Winter 2015-16 runway show.

Michele  also has many celebrity men rocking the Gucci  brand at events and on the redcarpet. Below are some of the celebs rocking Gucci.

Jaden Smith

Jared Leto


Jared Leto

Asap Rocky In Gucci




Florence Welch and Alessandro Michele at Met Gala 2016
Dakota Johnson


You can check out Alessandro Michele ‘s designs here Gucci Pre Fall 2017  , Gucci Spring 2016





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