Crops tops come in various sizes, cuts and styles . They have been one of the fashion trends on celebrities, fashionistas , on the runways and also on the streets for the last two fashion seasons. It seems like they will be here to stay whether you like them or not.

Lets be honest if you feel your stomach is not completely flat you will not feel comfortable in wearing crops tops. However, the reality is that even though you may be feeling a little insecure in following this trend you can sizzle if you wear the appropriate top that complements your body and shape.

kim kardashian

Kim Kardashian is curvy and she is rocking a Calvin Klein crop that’s stops right at her natural waist. Its matched with a Calvin Klein pencil skirt that also stops right at her natural waist, which highlights her curves and makes her waist look smaller.

how -to-wear-a-crop-top

This is a crop top that is longer matched with a stripped pencil skirt


For the pear shaped this figure is characterized by wide hips and buttocks that are bigger than bust. Fat tends to be stored in the lower part of the body. If you have a pear shape you have to  make sure the crop top hits right at the vertical center of your rib cage, which is the thinnest part of every woman’s body. Then pair it with a high-waist skirt that fits you perfectly.




If you are Banana or rectangular in shape you have a very slim figure, classic supermodel-like look. Praised by current fashion industry and targeted as too boyish by some . Women of this type have slim shoulders and hips, flat belly, smaller breasts and butt cheeks. Its best to wear a crop top that’s longer and loser too short can end up making you look more square and boyish.You can match this with a high-waist maxi skirt. This will make the your bust and hips look bigger and your waist smaller.

 Alberta Ferretti Spring/Summer 2014|
Alberta Ferretti Spring/Summer 2014|

For the plus size girl rocking a crop top is all about proportions and the fit . You have to wear a top that compliments your body, choose to wear a top that is
not too tight, and not too lose then match it with pieces that maximize proportions to truly highlight your assets. The main thing is you have to use your judgement in choosing a crop that you will feel comfortable wearing but also one that complements your body shape.

plus size crop top

If you are a woman with a petite or small frame you can rock just about any type of crop top whether it is fitted, loose or short.. The flatter your stomach is the more midriff you can get away with showing… To achieve a classy look you can rock your crop top with a wide legged pants or even a skater skirt.

how-to-wear-a crop-top
how -to -wear-a-crop-top

Vanessa Hudgens. is wearing a patterned crop top, high waisted trousers and nude/silver Giuseppe Zanotti heels

Flared crop top

IF you have an inverted triangle shape it means your shoulder is larger than your hips so an halter top crop top is suggested for this body shape because it decreases the width of your chest and torso, while it accentuates your waist.

how-to-wear-a crop-top

If you have an athletic body type shape such as Jessica Alba and Rihanna you have wide shoulders with slim waist and narrow hips. You can wear a crop top that accentuates your shoulder and waist and to achieve a classy look you can wear it with a skater skirt as Jessica is doing below

how -to-wear-a crop-top-rihanna
Rhianna in a matching crop top and mini skirt

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