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It’s always easy to tell when you are dealing with professional makeup as you take a look at the TV hosts, artists, or celebrities who have to be in front of the cameras all the time. The practice shows that it takes time to master this practice, as one finds out more about fashion standards and the rules of facial features by visiting professional makeup schools. There is a lot that should be researched, as the European makeup schools will differ from those in the United Kingdom or Canada. The reason for that relates to historical background and social interactions as the different cultures become combined and make an important contribution to how we perceive things. 

Top 5 Best Online Professional Makeup Schools 

  1. London College of Makeup School.

This is where you study in a wonderful environment that mirrors being on campus. It has enough interaction and provides you with a typical curriculum that focuses on various disciplines. You can start your fashion career here and receive printed certification. It can cover the fundamentals and special occasion makeup courses. Based in London and Dubai, it has one of the best instructors and videos that can be watched anytime, anywhere. The prices are affordable as well. 

  1. Online Makeup Academy. 

It’s one of the most famous beauty schools in New York that you should not miss because once you get enrolled, you will learn from the best in the industry. The best part is that you can choose the field where you would like to be. It can be hairstyling, SFX, forensics, and makeup research for dissertation writing. It offers Master’s programs and numerous certificates. Start by reading top essay writer reviews as you explore the writing challenges that will be faced, or as you have to compose a statement of purpose letter. Stay true to yourself and explore what each course includes! 

  1. Christine Blundell Makeup Academy. 

This makeup school needs no introduction as it has won numerous BAFTA and Oscar awards. Since the start of the pandemic times, some of the best programs are offered online and accept students from the United Kingdom and beyond. It covers the basics and focuses on things like special effects and cinema makeup. You have to provide a high school certificate with a personal statement letter. The course will take about 4 months to complete. While it does not belong to affordable schools, you must think about a program and negotiate the final program price, since you may adjust what you learn beyond the obligatory subjects. 

  1. Delamar Fashion Academy. 

If you want to learn more about professional cinema makeup techniques, this British online makeup school will be an essential choice. As you are getting this course finished, you receive CERT HE Professional Makeup certification because it includes not only fashion makeup studies but hairstyling, the design of clothes, and things like prosthetic design and TV makeup application. This amazing cosmetology school also teaches you the best methods to apply various disciplines and shows the ways to overcome specific challenges when something must be corrected. You will also learn more about bridal and party makeup techniques, which also shows the wide range of subjects that this school provides. 

  1. Academy of Freelance Makeup Online. 

What makes it unique is that you are dealing with a global fashion program that has specialists coming from New York, London, Dubai, and Paris. It means that you are dealing with contrasting styles and methods of makeup application, with the inclusion of sociocultural styles. It’s easy to become enrolled, and you only have to show readiness to learn by passing through the short essay. This online course takes about six months to complete. The best part, however, is that you can find employment or become eligible for an internship in the location of your choice. 

Reading Online Testimonials

Before you look into the most famous fashion schools to learn about professional makeup techniques, remember to explore online reviews and testimonials from the ex-students and those who are comparing various offerings online. Some makeup schools will focus on theory and fashion history while others will provide you with more hands-on work and internship options. At times, the institution of your choice may not belong to the famous names, yet offer sufficient learning materials and a great community that will teach you without costing a fortune. Make your choice carefully and do not follow your impulse, as you have to go beyond the shiny cover and actually learn! 


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