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The future is vegan, and the hair care field knows it very well. These past few years, the number of manufacturers that turned to vegan cosmetics has increased. This has to do with increased environmental consciousness, but also with the need to respond to what worldwide customers have been asking for: no cruelty and fewer animal by-products.

The private label hair care industry has responded with specific vegan hair care products. Let’s see what we’re talking about.

Definition and characteristics of vegan hair care products

Vegan hair care products do not contain any animal or animal-derived ingredients. Just as simple as that. But the truth is, it’s not always that simple. There’s a lot of confusion among consumers on the true definition of vegan hair care products, mostly when the term cruelty-free joins the conversation.

In fact, vegan and cruelty-free are not synonymous. This means that a vegan item can either be tested on animals or not. At the same time, cruelty-free products can either contain animal products and by-products or not.

Going vegan with private label hair care products is a formulation choice: a manufacturer declares that its solutions are developed without all the ingredients we have described above.

Moreover, many governments have forbidden animal testing. That’s the case, for example, of European regulations which enforce not testing hair cosmetics on animals in its countries.

What is certain is that vegan hair care products are not formulated with components deriving from animal exploitation. This includes beeswax, honey, animal-derived collagen, milk proteins, keratins, and such.

The private label hair care world is filling up with more and more vegan products. So if you’re thinking about developing a special vegan line, you can count on private label manufacturers to make your dreams come true.

Private label hair care products: vegan is a can do

The opportunities guaranteed by private label hair care products are endless. Just think about it, the mere definition of private label contains a fundamental concept: it’s a service offering high customization possibilities for every brand.

For example, HSA Cosmetics is a private label hair care supplier of vegan products. The company has an in-house lab where experts constantly create formulas checking different boxes and requirements: vegan, bio, organic, natural… The more the merrier!

Private label vegan hair care products, in fact, are manufactured taking into account all your wishes and desires. You’ll be able to customize your cosmetic lines in terms of:

  • ingredients and formulas
  • textures and fragrances
  • packaging and design


So, vegan is definitely a viable option for private label manufacturers. Not to mention that it’s easier for these companies to supply you with outstanding products whose results are exceptional and long-lasting.

Why vegan private label hair care products are the best option

One of the main advantages of asking a private label manufacturer to develop vegan hair care products is that you can rest assured that hair cosmetics will be 100% safe and effective. That’s because they are thoroughly tested, analyzed, and developed before being put on the market.

The research and development process is taken very seriously by private label companies. That’s why the possibility to create hair care products vegan is much higher. And since not everyone has all the necessary means to create such products, private labels are always the preferred choice.

A private label hair care company listens carefully to the needs of their clients. Whatever the project is, they’ll do their best to bring it to life while ensuring that each and every product doesn’t cause any damage to the hair and scalp.

You won’t find the same effectiveness in drugstores or cheap online hair care solutions, we’re telling you!

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