5 Trendy On-Screen School Uniforms of All Time



Contrary to the popular belief, school uniforms are not only worn at private schools as they seem to gain their past popularity back once again. Although statistics speak of only 20% (it is 90% of students in the United Kingdom) of the public schools that adopt school uniforms, the popularity clearly increases. It’s partially because of the district regulations, and community belonging, and also because it makes one look trendy and stylish. Essentially, if you’re an English schoolboy or a schoolgirl fondly remembering the knee-high gray shorts and the necktie, you might feel nostalgic. Looking at the on-screen uniforms worldwide, it’s safe to say that you are not alone, as there are some famous learners and legendary mischief characters to remember! 

5 Trendy On-Screen School Uniforms of All Time

  1. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry School Uniforms.

It’s one of the most trendy school uniforms that have made it into the world of fashion all over the world. Even those learners who used to dislike their school uniforms were happy to wear these gold scarves and the famous Gryffindor colors available for everyone. You might spot some major differences if you compare the book and the film, yet switching to wide sweaters has been done intentionally to assist the actors in the freedom of movement as the on-screen life is quite demanding! In either case, the Harry Potter series inspired many children to ask their schools for an introduction of a compulsory school uniform!

  1. Gossip Girl TV Series School Uniforms. 

Another school uniform that is popular among the modern youth!  People actually choose to dress this way and look rather chick for daily life. Even though school uniforms are supposed to be the same (and strict!) all the time, Serena and Blair (the two main characters) actually managed to look different as they combined the colors and implemented leather jackets and headbands. If you want to explore the local or online shops but have no free time because of your studies, contact experts with a typical write papers for me request and imagine that you are wearing the iconic uniform as the magic happens, and you feel free just like Serena did in the TV series! 

  1. Horace Green Preparatory School in “School of Rock”

When you’re too cool for school and you want to rock out (in the literal sense!), think about the famous kids that help them to implement their school uniforms in the best way possible as they become best friends and learn how to rock. The fashion used in this particular case is quite trendy and follows the classic style and history of US school uniforms. 

  1. Gilmore Girls. 

Another iconic example of a TV school uniform that most of us either love or dislike. Some fashion aficionados might say that it is less classic than the other entries, yet it adds a special charm, especially if you take a closer look at how Rory Chilton seems to wear it. When you must put on the same clothes every day except for the weekends, it has to be stylish. Thankfully, one can add trendy clothing items and wear one’s makeup to make things a bit more impressive. 

  1. Grange Hill School. 

Although we are dealing with the fictional secondary school from the legendary British TV series, one can easily trace how fashion has changed since the 1970s when the series started to the late 2000s, as the latest episode dates back to 2008. An interesting fact is that school uniforms were compulsory up until the fifth year of studies. You have the classic school tie with the blazer, black or gray trousers for the boys, and gray skirts for the girls. The newer episodes had different designs, yet many actors chose to wear more classic styles.  

The Mental Health Benefits of Wearing School Uniforms 

As school uniforms are always made with due care and attention to detail to make them comfortable for young learners, there are also mental health benefits as the children from families with low income do not feel alienated and do not become bullied for looking different or not wearing something fancy. It helps to achieve the well-being of students and takes away the pressure of trying to adjust to some style or meet what is expected by fellow students. Since there’s a sense of community and equality, school uniforms strive for the creation of a special sense of community where sociocultural factors act as bridges where everyone is welcome and feels safe.  


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