Fashion is a powerful medium for expressing your sense of style, attitude, and more. Your dress dramatically influences how people initially see you, whether entering a boardroom, going out with pals, or attending a casual gathering. 

Although you have no control over what other people believe, fashion is a fantastic way to communicate your current thoughts and feelings. Think about the following elements when designing your wardrobe and use them as an original form of expression.


You can look into your inclinations by making vision boards. Cut out some images from a few fashion magazines to get started. Pay close attention to the images that most appeal to you. A certain period of art truly appeals to you. Even though the Alexander McQueen collection at Harrolds Australia is trendy, you may relate more to 1970s clothing.

It’s okay to adapt vintage pieces like bell bottoms, platform heels, and heavy jewelry in stylish ways. With every fashion decision, you don’t have to worry about appearing like everyone else.

   2.Custom Tailoring

Your unique measurements, lengthy torso, or long legs are not considered when the big company first manufactures the clothing. 

They are assembling a typical outfit that will fit a lot of people. It’s up to you to modify the writing to suit your tastes. Hiring a sewist or a tailor is one of the most excellent ways to achieve this. The process might become enjoyable when you disassemble garments to make a new item.

Go to a nearby thrift shop and purchase the items you love. Work with a tailor to create a new outfit that fits your personal style, even if they aren’t exactly your size. 

If you do this often, you’ll develop a distinctive wardrobe that’s enjoyable to wear and effectively conveys your style.

Even if you don’t want to disassemble vintage clothing, have your regular pair of pants, skirt, or jacket tailored. Make sure it is fitted to your body. When you do this, the clothing will look better and more fitted to your body.

  3.Color Choices

Various colors spark different feelings and emotions. Choose colors like red, pink, and yellow if you want your color scheme to be lively and cheerful. Darker shades can be effective when trying to evoke a moody wardrobe. 

Starting with a neutral wardrobe is a terrific approach to shopping wisely when you need to buy new items. Purchase essential items in base colors like navy blue, white, and black. A neutral wardrobe is simple to incorporate colors like cream, taupe, and gold. Then, you can include trendy pieces or accessories if you want to add neon colors, dark colors, or a combination of all three.


Since they are both forms of expression, fashion and art have many similarities. Style is like wearable art, one of its most fantastic aspects. Your attire and accessories act as the paintbrushes that apply the design to the canvas that is you. Choosing an outfit will feel motivating and fun as you soon change into a walking work of art.


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