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If you’re thinking of starting a business, you might not consider retail a legitimate option. While it’s true that the pandemic and inflation have hit the retail industry hard, it still takes up a significant part of the economy. Plus, the sector has seen a rebound since the lows of Covid-19. If you have the right product and put in the work, you can absolutely find success with a retail business. 

Starting a Retail Business

You might have the best idea ever for a retail business or product. You might think that it will essentially sell itself. However, there have been many failed businesses throughout history that had great products. You need to have a plan to start your business and to carry it into the future. Set goals and outline how you will meet them. You’ll need a strong marketing strategy and appropriate funding. Never assume that you will be able to fund your business in the early days with the revenues you bring in. You will have startup costs, especially if you start a retail business. You need inventory in place ahead of time, for example. 

If there’s one thing that the pandemic showed us, it’s that anything can happen. Your business could be humming along and finding success, but outside forces can stop that momentum and sink you. That’s why having insurance is so important for a new business. Any lawsuit, even if it’s small, could create a financial disaster. The case could drag on for months and years, leading to escalating legal costs on top of whatever the potential damages might end up being. It doesn’t have to cost you a fortune, but you want to ensure that you are covered for every possible risk. With that said, here are some retail business ideas for aspiring business owners. 

Sleep Masks

Everyone wants to get a good night’s sleep. However, it’s a little harder for some than others. Many people rely on things to help them, such as sleep masks. A sleep mask is something you put over your eyes when you go to sleep at night. If it’s made properly, it should block out any light there might be in the room. For some people, even a small slit of light can affect getting a night of good REM sleep, so the darkness has to be complete. If you start a business selling sleep masks, you can try a few options to gain traction. You could sell them with a custom design, for example. Or you could work out a way for them to provide more coverage than previous versions. One of the best parts of sleep masks is that you don’t have to spend much time upfront to get things going. You can offer custom-made masks on social media when you are starting out and then build from there. 

Cycling Shop

If gas prices keep going up, then you can be sure that bicycling will become more and more popular. After all, the only fuel you need for a bike is your own body. An investment is required in purchasing not just any bike but the right one. A cycling shop can offer custom-made solutions and accessories for any cyclist. You can provide guidance and how-tos on choosing bike sizes, helmets, and equipment. Cyclists will always want to look their best while out on the roads, so why not sell apparel as well? Repairs and maintenance will also be necessary as people put wear and tear on their bikes. While this one will have pretty significant startup costs, you can start making a profit quickly if you play your cards right. 


The perfume market is always rising, and there’s no reason to think that you can’t get your foot in the door and make a dent in the market. This type of business will first require trial and error to find the formula for an attractive scent. Once you have that, you can sell locally before expanding into larger markets. Having a base scent is important because you then branch out from there to customize scents or create new ones. Another popular approach to take is to try to recreate existing scents but with different ingredients. These can be popular with people who want to avoid putting potentially harmful chemicals on their skin. 

Refinished Furniture

Vintage furniture will always be popular, but sometimes it has to be repurposed or refinished to make it look even better. Unfortunately, many furniture and materials also end up in landfills or take up space in home storage areas. You can offer the service of taking someone’s old and unusable furniture and turning it into something similar but different. You can put on a new finish, repair damage, or slap on a new shade or color. You can also create your own pieces from pre-used furniture and sell them online or in a showroom. Your success will come from customers getting exactly what they want since you will make it for them. 

Aquariums and Fish

Most people go to pet stores when they want to buy fish and fish tanks. However, the problem with pet stores is that there is rarely any additional information given. You buy the fish, and whatever you need, then you head home to figure things out for yourself. Before you know it, the fish is in the toilet, and you have to start over. If you start a business that deals with aquariums and fish, you can provide the extra value of consultations. You can tell your customers exactly how to properly care for their new fish and the specific aquariums you sell. Prospective pet owners will love the extra information and knowledge that they have someone to call if they have issues. 


Having a retail store is a worthwhile enterprise, both monetarily and for your own personal satisfaction. You might be surprised at how many different options there are for you to try. However, you always want to choose something that isn’t already pervasive in the market. Hopefully, these unique ideas will give you the spark of an idea that will propel you and your business to great success. 


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