Leather trousers keep coming back, year after year, when the weather starts turning colder. It isn’t a surprise, since they are the perfect complement between style and warmth. The fall of 2022 will feature even more models, as most of the biggest retailers are offering a large variety of models, for men and women. Here is why you should think of getting one for yourself.

Don’t want to hurt Animals: Use Faux Leather Trousers

Not everyone is willing to wear leather trousers. Some people consider that animal skin should not be used to create clothes. However, they should not have to be kept away from this important fashion tendency. The solution available to them is to wear faux leather trousers, which look just as good as the real things. In fact, it comes in just about as many styles as the other ones. Leggings, mid-rise pants or even cargo pants are featured in the collection of retailers that refuse to use real leather in their collection. It is almost impossible to tell the difference sometimes. But at least those who do not want to wear animal skin, will be at peace with themselves.

Leather Trousers come in All Colours

There was a time when leather trousers were almost all produced in a single colour: Black. This is certainly a thing of the past now. These days, some women choose to wear their faux leather trousers in a variety of brown and beiges, as well as in tones of green. It doesn’t mean that black won’t be the most seen still, though. There is something about black leather that calls out to people. It has been used in leather jackets, as a sign of rebellion for so long now, that it almost has the same effect, when you wear it as trousers, as well.

Use Them with a Variety of Tops

During the first part of the fall season, there is nothing cooler than to wear your leather trousers with a rocking T-shirt. It calls back to the classic of the fifties, and it fits perfectly on men and women. As the weather changes a little, move on to the cut-out top, which has been so popular this year and will still be in fashion, in the months to come. Once the weather has turned cold, it is time to take out the cable knit and wear it over a light top, so that you can liberate yourself when you are inside the house.

Use Contrasting Colours

If you are going to wear black leather trousers, go definitely for white or cream, at the top. This season is all about contrasting the colours between the top and the bottom. However, make sure that the shoes match with the trousers, in terms of colours, but also when it comes to the material used. Beautiful black leather shoes or boots will only create a stronger look on you. You can wear a nice hat as well, which you will coordinate with your top.

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