Cozy and warm jackets during Fall


Autumn – the season of fashion! It’s not only the beautiful colors outside that change – our apparel also does. It is that time of the year when we start dressing up in the coziest and comfiest clothes. It’s time for long and warm sweaters, nice booties, and the best part – jackets for fall. 

Today D2line has prepared for you some nice tips on how to be trendy and warm by wearing the perfect fall jackets, together with some more ideas for autumn styling. 

The Fall season and its coziness

Why do we all love autumn so much? First of all – there are all the beauties, all the amazing colors, the relaxing weather, and oh – those rainy days with a cup of tea or coffee in the comfort of our homes. What is not to love? 

But that is not everything that makes the season great. Fall is the best season for fashion experiments once you figure out how to layer clothes properly. But once you do – all the sweaters, jackets, boots, and details are just amazing. Autumn brings us a new slew of style options that we can not wear during summer or any other season.

What jackets do we need for Fall 2022?

Now, back to the main topic – trendy jackets for fall 2022 that we all should have in our wardrobes. They look amazing and most importantly – they can keep us warm during the colder days. 

Denim jacket

Denim jacket – can you think of anyone who doesn’t enjoy wearing one? You can style it in so many different ways and always look trendy. This is one of our favorite jackets for fall, especially when layered over a nice sweater, blouse with a print, or a regular T-shirt. 

You can also wear it over a dress or in combination with jeans. The denim jacket is versatile and goes well with casual clothing. One of the biggest fall 2022 trends is the oversized denim jacket, which can be paired with anything. But honestly – the shorter version is the all-time favorite!

Shirt jacket

One of the trendiest jackets for fall is the shacket, also known as a shirt jacket. It is much heavier than just a shirt, but it is also lighter than a normal jacket. It is the perfect piece of clothing for a warm and sunny autumn day.

Most of those fall jackets are oversized, which makes them ideal for layering. If you still don’t have a shirt jacket – go to the mall and get at least two – they will soon become your favorite jackets for fall!

Fluffy jacket

Oh, who does not love fluffy jackets? Particularly now that they are one of the greatest trends for fall 2022. There is a wide variety of puffers on the market. They would keep you snug and cozy and could help you achieve almost any autumn look you want. 

There are some extremely fluffy jackets that are perfect for the winter, but there are also fluffy ones that can do a great job in the fall. Especially in the late season when we have more rainy and cold days.

Leather jacket

Here comes the timeless classic and wardrobe staple – the leather jacket. Let’s be honest, there is no fall season without wearing your favorite leather jacket. It is extra versatile and can go flawlessly with almost any piece of clothing in your wardrobe. 

Every stylish woman needs it, not only in black but in bold and bright colors, too. Fashionistas can wear the leather jacket paired up with their favorite dress, with sneakers and a t-shirt, or with heels. It can be the ultimate finishing touch for almost every autumn look, and it will keep you warm!

Trench coat

Last but definitely not least is the trench coat. One classic type of jacket that will never get out of style! We all have those beautiful trench coats in our closet, waiting for the best season to come – autumn. Match it with casual sneakers for an effortless look, or wear it with heels for a flirty and fierce look.

There are hundreds of options on the market, so you can basically get a trench coat of any color, style, or even material. And believe us – it’s worth it because those jackets for fall are simply wardrobe essentials!

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