The Cropped Cardigan: How to Modernize Y2K Throwback Trends



Fashion trends are always cycling (which is your cue to raid your mom’s closet when you get the chance!), but Y2K fashion was something of an anomaly. Many Y2K trends weren’t seen in any era before it, which spelled trouble for anyone trying to rock these looks and still be fashionable.

But celebrities like Teyana Taylor prove that early 2000 fashion pieces can look incredible with a bit of updating. Clothing staples like cropped cardigans and low-rise jeans can work in 2022.

How to Modernize Y2K Fashion Trends

Celebrities influence much of mainstream fashion culture. You can check out celebrity zines like, and check out which celebrities are rocking Y2K fashion trends in the modern day. This will give you a bit of inspiration for your own outfit ideas, and we’ve listed some essential Y2K fashion tips below

Cropped Cardigans

Cropped cardigans were the perfect companion on a cold fall day. Carrie Bradshaw famously wore a cropped pink cardigan in Sex and the City, but it wasn’t until the late 2010s that these sweaters became cool again. Before 2020, crop cardigans were used to taper in the waist.

  • How to Modernize Cropped Cardigans

Cropped cardigans are still used as they were in late 2010 but are now bright, patterned, and matching. An effortless yet chic Y2K look includes a matching bandeau and cropped cardigan of the same material, like plaid or fuzzy checkers.

Tube Tops

Tube tops were pretty scandalous in the new Millennium, as you had to wear a strapless bra (which looked awful) or go braless (which was seen as “trashy”). But for those brave enough, tube tops gave off a fun, feminine vibe thanks to their bright colors and interesting patterns.

  • How to Modernize Tube Tops

The free the nipple era and modern feminism have made it easier than ever to go braless. Modern tube tops are almost always tight, black or white, and contour to the body. If you want something truly modern, find one with a sweetheart neckline.

Low-Rise Jeans

When anyone thinks of early 2000s fashion, they think of low-rise jeans. Back then, low-rise jeans were so low you could see a person’s hip bone. Most low-ride styles were skinny, boot cut, or baggy and were often paired with a tank top or a tube top to show off the stomach.

  • How to Modernize Low-Rise Jeans

Modern low-rise jeans are closer to mid-rise jeans than the 2000s equivalent. They’re typically baggy and cuffed. Low-rise joggers look great with cropped blouses, whereas boyfriend jeans fit right in with a plaid sweater or distressed top. 

Tailored Vests

Layering was a familiar sight in the early 2000s, which made tailored vests very popular. It was common to see women wearing a neon-colored turtleneck with a sparkly vest on top, so long as both items didn’t go over the stomach. Capris cargo pants or jeans complemented these vests.

  • How to Modernize Tailored Vests

In the 2020s, tailored vests are actually tailored and act more as a top than something you’d layer. However, it isn’t uncommon to see a tight cotton vest with a patterned blouse underneath. Add waist-high bottoms to complete your outfit.

Micro Mini Skirts

Micro minis also sparked a lot of moral panic, but it didn’t matter. Fun and flirty, micro mini skirts showed off your legs and stomach (because low-rides were in). In the 2000s, most mini skirts were made of jean material, looked square and boxy, and cut your torso off in the middle.

  • How to Modernize Micro Mini Skirts

The modern mini skirt does a much better job of lengthening the legs because they sit up at the waist. Matching sets are common, and so are schoolgirl skirts. Any of these styles look great over a t-shirt or a patterned turtleneck.



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