Products for Doing Laundry While Travelling (Your Clothes Will Thank You)




These days, more millennials and generation Z loves to travel with only their backpacks, or go to a foreign land alone. If you plan to have a long vacation, it is tempting to bring more clothes, yet more practical to only bring the clothes that you need. However, how can you ensure that all the clothes while travelling are clean and washed? 

Well, you have to take matters into your hands. It is either you visit a laundromat or handwash your laundry in the accommodation. Doing laundry while travelling is the most practical thing to do if you are traveling on a budget. You can save by packing lightly and washing your clothes at the laundry service, rather than paying additional baggage costs because you brought a lot of clothes.

If you are convinced to do laundry while travelling, here are the products that you should bring:

Portable Wash Bag

Wash bag is a dry bag that has a ribbed interior that functions like a washboard. You can put your clothes, water, and a detergent inside. Shaking the wash bag will rub the garments against the bumps inside. It is quite helpful for long-term travellers or those who enjoy camping trips. You can pack lightly and wash your clothes anytime.

Stain Remover

It is important to bring around a stain remover. Pretreating stain is the most important step to remove stains efficiently. Do not let the stain seep into the fabric. 

Drain Plug

It is handy to bring a drain plug if you wish to handwash your laundry in the bathroom of your hotel room or at your Airbnb accommodation. Get a universal drain plug, so it can cover any sink or tub. Ensure that the drain plug can handle heavy-duty works and will not easily move. 

Travel Clothesline

If you plan to do laundry in the bathroom of your hotel room, or you are planning for an outdoor travel, having a travel clothesline with you is a great help. You do not have to worry about getting creative and resourceful on how you can make a surface to let your clothes drip. Travel clothesline have hooked ends that helps have a sturdy connection between two surfaces.

Laundry Soap Sheets

Bringing soap sheets is better than bringing bulky liquid detergent, and you do not have to worry about the spilling instances in your bag. Laundry soap sheets dissolve in water. Put one sheet into where you are doing your laundry, whether in the sink, tub, or scrub bag. Just ensure that you carry the sheet case with dry hands to avoid dissolving the sheets accidentally. 

Doing laundry in the hotel bathroom or at the Airbnb you rented is nice. However, if you think bringing these laundry products is a hassle, then do research beforehand about laundry delivery services in your destination. Relying on a laundromat with this type of service during your travel is worth it than bringing and doing laundry.


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