Love White Sneakers? – Read the Top Ways to Style It the Right Way     



If you are buying sneakers for the first time, chances are high that you are drooling over the wardrobe of options in the online store. What’s the right color to choose? Will it go with my tees, shirts, and jeans? These are common things to think about. Just when you are about to buy a funky color option, pause for a moment. Change your mind and pick the white ones instead.

White sneakers for men are as versatile as buying black or leather-brown boots. They look decent and appealing enough to complement almost all semi-formal to casual dress combinations one might have in mind. 

Frankly, if one style has remained here for years, it’s white sneakers. They go flawless in all seasons, thanks to their sleek and clean appearance. When bought from a branded company, sneakers are also expected to be durable.

Regardless, this article is your best shot if you are looking for insight on the top ways to style these shoes.


  1. White Shoes and Shorts: The gym-worthy casual summer look

Shorts are one of the most obvious choices when wearing sneakers. However, it can also be quite tricky to pull off. That’s because shorts and white shoes look more like a gym-ready combination that fares well as a casual summer outfit. So, what’s the deal? 

One should try keeping the shoes as lean and slim-looking as possible. If needed, avoid wearing socks.

White canvas models are a good option if you are more into tailored chino shorts. A perfect combination will be wearing it with a blazer casually and sticking to leather accessories to maintain the vibe.

  1. White Shoes with Black Jeans: Let the contrasts do the talking

White sneakers are an easy choice for men who prefer wearing black jeans religiously. It is more like slipping straight into the minimal trend for monochrome purists. Going with a white pair of shoes breaks that monotony of an all-black look while throwing a great deal of contrast. 

However, if you are a fan of goth-black appearances, don’t worry; the white shoes won’t fade that.

As minimal as this look goes, the rule of thumb is to make way for a symmetrical look. So, avoid unnecessary items like socks or other accessories and keep the jackets and shirts as symmetrical as possible. Pants should stay cropped. One can go for some subtle metallic jewelry too.

  1. White Shoes and Blazers: For the casual-formal style

For fashionable gentlemen, tailored dresses are a huge commodity. However, modern semi-formal or casual-formal looks have brought the idea of introducing white sneakers into the arena. White shoes add an effortless charm to tailored dresses when paired with a suit or blazer. 

To get that smarter look, don’t evade the socks. You need to ensure that your overall look looks nothing less than a clean and tidy gentleman. To further grab attention on the road, wear a white t-shirt inside. 

Final Words

When buying sneakers for men, ensure that whatever your dress combination is, the sneakers need to look sleek and brightly white. Even the slightest bit of dirt will kill that sartorial suaveness you have worked so hard to master. 

Also, in most cases, keeping it simple is the mantra. You need to look neat, tidy, symmetrical, and organized at every step.

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