Strict Dress Code: What To Wear While Traveling In The UAE



It happens that when tourists come to another country for a holiday, they don’t know what they should wear. Often they are guided by what they see on TV or by the national dress of some of the natives, thinking that this is how most people used to dress, but it doesn’t necessarily work out this way. So in the case with the UAE, where laws and regulations are strictly enforced, there are rules of dress for tourists as well. Tourists are always welcome in the Emirates, but never forget that the UAE is a Muslim country, which also has strict rules regarding physical appearance. Therefore, we have prepared a checklist for you with tips on how to dress when visiting this country.

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  • Public visiting areas

In order not to offend the religious sensitivities and mores of these places, it is customary to wear covered clothing in crowded places, including places of interest such as shops, entertainment centers and government offices. For women, it is advisable to wear skirts below the knee or trousers when visiting such places. Both men and women should cover their shoulders. When going to a restaurant, theater, museum or social event, it is recommended to check beforehand the way of dressing in the particular establishment. Usually it is best to choose a suit and an evening gown that is not too revealing.

  • Visiting religious sites

When visiting religious shrines the rule must be strictly followed which is to consider covering the shoulders, abdomen and knees. This rule must be observed by both men and women. If one wears clothes openly in such places, the locals may consider it an intentional insult to their religion. Non-compliance with the rules may result in serious fines or even the possibility of arrest.

  • Visiting beaches

When it comes to visiting public beaches where the locals are used to taking a rest, it’s best to opt for a closed swimming suit as for women. This also protects ladies from the male attention. On private beaches that belong to hotels, women can wear any type of swimming costume, including bikinis. However, as a general rule, it is forbidden to go outside the beach in swimming clothes both for men and women.

  • Sun protection

We’d also like to remind you to make sure you wear clothes that protect you from the sun’s rays in advance. Choose light-coloured items made of natural fabrics such as cotton or linen that cover your whole body and are loose-fitting.

When visiting another country, it’s particularly important to protect yourself from being attacked and judged by the locals. Dress appropriately according to the etiquette and morals of the place you are visiting so as not to get yourself into trouble. Choose clothes that make you feel comfortable but that do not cause embarrassment to others. Have a nice trip!

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