As the seasons change, so too do fashion expectations. Whether you’re obsessed with staying ahead of trends or you’re just looking for some light inspiration, there are things to know about clothing options this fall.

As the weather gets cooler, sweaters always come back into full swing, and if you enjoy a nice, cozy top layer, then knowing the leading sweater trends might be nice.

With that in mind, the tips below will show you what’s new in the world of women’s sweaters so you’ll know what you can expect to find the next time you go shopping.

Old Is New

Unless you’re completely brand new to the concepts of fashion, you already know this. Everything that is old eventually becomes new again, and that’s happening with sweaters right now.

More specifically, open stitching is back in a big way. It’s a light, comfy style that looks nice. The open-stitching women’s sweaters that you can find just about anywhere right now provide a relaxed, nice look. You don’t really have to try so hard with your sweaters right now, and that’s always pleasant.

Versatility Is Great

Sometimes, fashion can get tunnel vision, and people are supposed to conform to a very small range of visual looks.

That’s not the case for sweaters right now. All of the different sweater variations are looking great and fully acceptable.

If you’re into cardigans, go nuts. They’re all over the place, and you can surely find more than a few that you love.

If you prefer v-necks, they’re in style too. So are pullovers, coatigans, and just about any other sweater style that you might want to wear.

Women’s sweaters are open season right now. Wear what you like. Everyone else sure is.

Fall Colors Are Back

While styles are open and inviting, sweater colors are a little more restricted right now. This happens almost like clockwork, but as you browse sweaters, you’re going to find that fall colors are in.

It’s not just oranges and blacks that you’ll see everywhere. It’s more that the muted, less vibrant fall color styles have swung back into favor. You can find a wide range of colors, but they’ll stay on the pastel side of things.

If brightness is your favorite, that’s fine, but it will be a little harder to find sweaters with the colors you love the most — at least for a little while.

Show What You Want

Do you remember the early 2000s? It was a rough time for women’s fashion. Absolutely everything exposed the midriff. If you actually wanted to stay warm in the winter, you were out of luck.

Thankfully, those days are behind us. When it comes to how your sweater fits or covers you, the 2020s are shaping into a decade of total freedom of choice. If you feel like showing off a little, go for it. There are amazing sweaters just for you.

If you’d rather bundle up a bit more, you’ll be able to find sweaters you love. When it comes to showing skin, expectations are completely gone. You can wear what you want, and it’s perfectly in style right now.

Comfort Rules

The best new thing in sweaters right now is science. Thanks to clever, innovative people, modern sweaters are made with materials that feel great. You can get light sweaters when it’s not terribly cold. You can opt for thicker sweaters for chilly weather.

Either way, you can expect to find sweaters made from fibers that don’t itch, don’t drive you crazy, and feel absolutely fantastic when you wear them.

With new blended fabrics, nanomaterials, and all other fancy technology, today’s sweaters get to be more comfortable than ever. Itchy wool is a thing of the past. Enjoy your new sweaters with gusto.

Sustainability Matters

The last major trend has a lot less to do with the look and feel of a sweater and a lot more to do with how it is made.

Conscientiousness has been in for a while now, and clothing manufacturers have taken notice. If you want sweaters (or other clothes) that you can appreciate completely free of guilt, then knowing a little more about the sustainability of manufacturing can help a lot.

Thankfully, this doesn’t require an advanced degree in environmental engineering.

Instead, you can look to any number of groups that are trying to hold companies accountable and make it easy for the rest of us to know how our things are made.

As for sweaters, there are a lot of sustainable choices on the market today. You can get your favorite styles, colors, and comforts out of any sweater, and you can know that it’s made in a way that isn’t exploiting people, animals, or the environment itself.

Sustainability is in fashion, and the best thing about that is that it’s easier than ever to stick to sustainable options.

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