5 Tips for Making Your Favourite Clothes Last (Almost) Forever



Clothes can hold a sentimental value, whether it’s a piece of clothing that reminds you of someone or it was gifted to you, it’s important to take good care of it to make it last forever. Even if it’s a regular t-shirt, you should be thoughtful about how you’re taking care of it. Over time, clothes can become thinner, stretch, and have holes in them. Well, with our 5 tips your clothes will last almost forever. 


  • Be Careful How You Use Laundry Detergent


Usually, people think that using more detergent will equal to cleaner laundry, however, that’s not the case. Too much detergent can leave your clothes stiff, scratchy, and with the detergent residue on. If you’re washing your clothes this way it can make them age more quickly. Typically, a tablespoon or two is only necessary. Instead, you can try detergent sheets, which are eco-friendly and sensitive to your skin. These sheets leave your clothes fresh and clean, and you don’t have to worry if you’ve put too much detergent. It’s very simple and convenient to use them, you simply remove the strip and put it in the washer. 


  • Skip Or Reduce Dry Cleaning


When shopping for new clothes, make sure to read the tags and instructions on how to wash them. If you want to be more eco-friendly and reduce your carbon footprint, look for sustainable fashion and ways you can help the environment. Skipping dry cleaning is one of the options because dry cleaning uses toxic chemicals which can even deteriorate fabrics. In addition, skipping or reducing dry cleaning will save you money and make your clothes last longer. 


  • Wash Your Clothes Inside Out


To have your favorite piece of clothing forever, then make sure to wash it properly. For example, dark clothes can stay dark if you turn them inside out before putting them in the washing machine. By doing so, dark colors like black or navy will not fade away. However, the interior side might change color, but the exterior of the clothes will stay protected and vibrant.


  • Use Cold Water As Much As Possible


In order to have your clothes last forever, you need to follow some instructions on how to properly wash them. Cold water is your best friend when doing laundry. Cold water is less abrasive and doesn’t stretch or shrink clothes, as hot water can. In addition, cold water is great for dark and bright clothes because hot water can make the colors fade. 

Also, cold water is more environmentally friendly, it conserves energy and saves you money. Even though for some clothes you need to use hot water, like white clothing or towels, make sure you’re using cold water for the rest of the laundry. 


  • Learn How To Use The Dryer Correctly


When it comes to using the dryer machine, it’s important to know the difference between each setting. For example, “normal” or “regular” sound like they can be used for any clothes, however, they offer the highest heat. So, because of this, only heavy items should be dried at this temperature, like towels, sheets, or jeans. 

To make delicate clothes last almost forever, make sure to use low heat to prevent damage to the materials. Some dryers have settings for silk or woolen clothes so they can receive special and gentler treatment. Always pick tumble dry for clothes with surface embellishments since this setting doesn’t use additional heat and it will leave your clothes intact. 


By following these simple and important 5 tips, your clothes will last almost, if not, forever. This way, you don’t have to say goodbye to your favorite shirt from when you were younger. 


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