When winter rolls around, it’s time to put the lighter jackets away. Of course, in the fashion world, there’s more than one type of coat you can wear during the season. In winter, it’s time to bring out coats that will protect you against the cold and the rain. All winter coats have their distinct advantages and disadvantages. Below is a look at the different types of coats it’s possible to wear in winter and why you might wish to wear them. 

Puffer jackets

Puffer jackets are an excellent wintertime choice and are available both for men and for women. These jackets, filled with either down or synthetic fibers, provide high levels of warmth, which will depend on the quality of the fibers. Puffer jackets are lightweight and functional as well, so there’s no need for misgivings about them from a style perspective. The stitching doesn’t necessarily make them bulky, and the different patterns provide a slimmer, more fitted winter jacket.


Trench coat

The trench coat is a classic piece of clothing and should form part of any women’s wardrobe. If trench coats have been good enough for icons such as Audrey Hepburn and Kate Moss, then it’s perfectly fine for you to don one as well. Trench coats are simple, light, weatherproof and allow you to transition in and out of winter effortlessly. You can combine them with anything. 


Wrap and belted coat

Wrap and belted coats have that dressing gown feel about them and are highly comfortable. The extra material at the front allows closure to overlap for additional warmth. You then tie a thick fabric belt at the waist to define your shape. Anyone can wear these warm jackets, but if you’re not especially tall, it’s best to put on some heels when you wear one. 


Pea coat

Pea coats have been around for at least a couple of centuries. It was the Dutch navy who introduced them to the world. These coats have become something of a classic and work well with just about everything. Whether in beige or other neutral colors or in brighter ones, a pea coat will always look good. They’re comfortable and practical. The pockets are deep, the buttons are large and the collar, when popped, will offer suitable protection against the cold. No one wants to be fiddling around with small buttons in crisp temperatures.  


Parka and anorak

Parkas and anoraks often finish at the thighs and are loosely fitted. Anoraks will feature a drawstring waist. These coats tend to be made from warm, waterproof materials and offer a relaxed, casual look. Green and other army-like tones are common. If you’re looking to work a laidback urban look, a parka, combined with black, skinny jeans and boots, will do the trick. 


Chesterfield coat

Chesterfield coats have that magic of being long and slim yet still allowing you to fit all your layers underneath. They’re elegant and, in terms of warmth, will serve you loyally throughout the whole of the winter. It would be a shame for the world not to see the stylish outfit you’re wearing underneath, so whether you put on your Chesterfield during the day or at night, be sure to leave it open and show off your fine taste in outfits.


Raincoat and mack

Raincoats don’t have to be yellow, oversized and shapeless like the kind you’d expect to see on a fisherman. Today, they’re much more fun. Longer, more fitted styles will suit those occasions when you have to dress up, whereas a shorter one will work better for more casual moments. You can’t get lots of different raincoats to match your style. Remember to layer your knitwear underneath the coat to stay warm.

It won’t be long before winter arrives and the cold, wet weather is here once more. The coats above will help you to stay warm and dry this winter without sacrificing style.


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