Bring on the Style with Perfect365’s New Studio 



When you’re ready to take your digital look beyond little fawn noses and sparkles (not that that’s not cute!) – it may be time for you to take a look at Perfect365 Studio, a free photo editing app that can turn any user into a studio pro with custom backgrounds, frames, filters, lighting, shadowing, captions, text bubbles, themed stickers, and color. 

It offers pre-set makeup filters, hair color, skin softening and other features so you can get as creative as you want for the holidays and every day.  It’s also very social media friendly, so sharing across TikTok, Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat is a breeze.

Perfect365 Studio is part of the Perfect365 app family.

Perfect365 is an award-winning (a Webb!) photo and video platform for celebrities and fashion enthusiasts around the world.

Perfect365 Studio’s features include: 

  • Color Adjustments 
  • Dodge and Burn (shadowing and highlighting)
  • An Add-Text feature
  • Lots of  filters Themes: Use photo stickers and backgrounds for different themes and holidays.

Perfect365 is an app that offers more than 400 one-tap makeup looks, over 40 customizable makeup, and adjustment tools; Style it! clothing and accessory recommendations; hairstyles; and step-by-step tutorials for recreating looks in real life. 

A world leader in photo, video, and AR tech, Perfect365’s advanced solutions are embedded in over 1 billion mobile smartphones today.

Perfect365 Studio is available now on iOS and Android along with a paid subscription feature for both iOS and Android.


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