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Marketing for any industry can be a long and complicated process. It can be especially competitive in the fashion industry. With so many brands all vying for the same space, consumers have more choices than ever. To top things off, the projected market volume for the fashion industry is expected to exceed $295 million by 2025, leaving fashion companies of all sizes wondering what they need to do to outrank their competitors, engage their target audience, and capture as much of this revenue as possible.

From SEO, to social media and PPC, there are several ways to approach your online presence. Whether you’re handling all your advertising efforts in-house or working with a fashion marketing agency to streamline the process, here are six essential fashion marketing tips.

Optimize Your Fashion SEO Strategies


The heart of search engine optimization is all about improving your website’s visibility across Google and other search engines by organically climbing the ranks of search results. People turn to Google, Bing, and other search engines to research companies, products, and services ahead of time, and the same applies to your average fashion customer. By investing in proven, white-hat SEO strategies, you increase the likelihood of those consumers finding your website when they search specific keywords, especially if those keywords match the products and services your business provides.

Most SEO strategies would likely center around Google, as it commands 85.55% of the total search market share.

The primary ways of increasing your organic SEO include creating high-quality content that displays your expertise, ensuring your website is responsive and free of errors, and acquiring links to your pages.

For example, if an agency with fashion digital marketing experience wanted to attract companies in this industry looking for their services, they’d target keywords related to those kinds of searches. They’d also create landing pages on their website detailing their expertise in the field, supplementing that content with case studies from past client success stories. Over time, these tactics can create increased traffic and new potential revenue from clients looking for the types of services they provide.

Streamline Your Social Media Marketing

When building up your fashion brand, you will need to cultivate a social presence to connect with your target audience. Even if you’re only an occasional user, everything you create, share, and react to helps create a public narrative, one that can have a major impact on how potential customers or clients perceive your brand. All the major platforms have their own benefits, and the key to building a healthy brand presence is to leverage the strength of each platform.

Instagram and Facebook are no-brainers, as the former has over 1 billion active users from all creative and demographic backgrounds, while the latter has always been a dominant platform for PPC advertising and user engagement.

Similarly, Twitter has always been great for building brand awareness, as the hashtag functionality makes it easy to find and jump into trending topics. If that weren’t enough, TikTok has exploded in recent years, with viral trends like #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt moving influencer marketing into the spotlight. Most importantly of all, TikTok advertising taps into the growing amount of customers who prefer quick, focused content to capture their attention.

PPC Advertising Is Worth the Investment

It’s no secret that PPC advertising is an exceptional tool for driving high intent visitors to your website, as the fashion consumers clicking on these ads are already interested in making a purchase. PPC involves bidding on search keywords relevant to your business’s target markets. This can lead to some significant improvements in lead generation or product sales, as the data on customer behavior is measurable and actionable. Appearing above organic search results, PPC ads also provide immediate search visibility for your brand, and results can show within as little as a few hours.

Best of all, PPC campaigns offer the ability to run simultaneous testing on two different sets of ads. This is important because elements like ad copy can occasionally be the difference between an ad that fails to convert and another that does well. As such, this type of testing will allow your fashion business to gather data and better understand what appeals to your target audience.

Email Marketing Is Still a Winning Strategy

While so many things continue to change in the world of digital marketing, the power of a well-managed email marketing campaign remains a consistent winner. It allows you to build relationships with leads and customers, both past and present, all while promoting your products and services to fashion lovers all over the world.

Coupled with the right messaging, email can also become one of your strongest marketing channels, as it grants you the opportunity to speak directly to your target audience through their inbox.

Remember that sending all your subscribers the same email likely won’t have the same positive effect on conversions. The key is to focus on personalization, whether that’s sending targeted emails to re-engage those with abandoned shopping carts or sending out birthday emails and suggestions based on previous purchases.

Craft Click-worthy and Shoppable Fashion Content

Your fashion brand should never pass up the opportunity to optimize your content strategy with click-and-shop content. After all, it’s one of the easiest ways that fashion brands can reduce the friction between the content they produce and the buying process. While the trend has been around for a while now, recent improvements have enabled brands to integrate their content and shopping experiences seamlessly.

Instagram and Facebook each offer the ability to produce shoppable ads, and fashion brands of all sizes are finding success through shoppable UGC and blog content. Naturally, this helps to drive even more engagement and authenticity across social media channels. Through a combination of product images, inspirational hashtags, and direct links to purchase them, your brand can strike the perfect balance between content and commerce.

Partner With a Fashion Digital Marketing Agency

At the end of the day, staying competitive in the fashion industry requires a clear and cohesive digital strategy from the very beginning. This often takes a great amount of time and experimentation, a luxury you might not have, especially if you’re working with a smaller team.

The best course of action is to partner with a fashion digital marketing agency. Not only will a dedicated agency be familiar with all the tips outlined in this article, but they’ll likely have a few more tricks up their sleeve as well, with proven methods to help you capture more qualified leads, drive more conversions, and grow your business in the process.  Learn more about how VELOX Media can help optimize your fashion brand’s digital marketing strategies at

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