The summer is finally here. For some places in the country, it’s a little late to get here, but now that it’s arrived, it’s time to enjoy it—what better way than to step out dressed in the latest trends to look and feel your best. 

Denim has been around forever and will seemingly never go out of style. It’s comfortable, great looking, and flexible for most occasions and situations. You can wear denim on the bottom, denim on your torso, and people have even worn denim on their heads in some eras. Everyone has a few denim pieces in their wardrobe. If you want to have a great denim game this season, here are seven trends for the summer of 2022. 


As a society, we are more environmentally conscious than ever. Recycling has been a part of our daily lives for decades. On top of that, inflation and fuel prices continue to climb without a slowdown. Because of these factors, you can expect to see a lot of upcycled denim products this summer as consumers and manufacturers grapple with these issues. 

Upcycled can mean fabric being repurposed, and it can also mean fabric is made to look used. With denim, that means scuffs, rips, and fraying. Upcycled denim is also known for having patchwork and faded graphics on it. When you have an uncycled piece, it may have been made from the fabric of several other pieces so that you can expect a mix of shades and even colors. It’s fun and casual while also being socially conscious. 

Baggy Jeans

In the 1990s, teenagers and young adults were known for wearing very baggy and oversized jeans that practically fell down. Famous music stars were often seen holding them up by the waistband during performances with their boxer shorts peeking out. While the baggy jean trend wore down over time to be replaced by skinny jeans, they are back in a big way. They no longer need to be held up, though, as clothing design has evolved. Nowadays, baggy jeans are not oversized, so the waistband can still be snug. In addition, baggy jeans in the summer offer some breathing room for your legs when the temperature gets too high and help give you a relaxed and breezy look. 

Flared and Bootcut Jeans

Flared and bootcut jean styles are also a blast from the past. They are even evolving into 2022’s version of the bellbottom. These are snug and slim jeans around the hips, buttocks, and upper legs but flare out as they head towards the feet. Yes, they are convenient when you want to wear boots, but they also go well with heels and flats if you have the right pair. The contrast between the wide bottom and snug fit-up top draws attention to the shape of the lower body and gives a flattering look. 

Denim Skirt

Denim skirts are great for keeping cool while being stylish on a hot summer’s day. You can get a denim skirt in any number of styles, from mini to maxi, with tears, frays, and pockets sticking out. A denim skirt can pair with a t-shirt, blouse, bikini, or tank top. In addition, you can wear heels, flats, thigh highs, and everything in between. They are flexible enough to be dressed up or down, although you wouldn’t wear one for a formal occasion. They are probably best used for wearing over a bathing suit while at the beach or a pool party. 

Cargo Pants

Cargo pants have long been known for how useful they are. Lots of pockets mean lots of places to put your stuff. However, they have never been at the forefront of fashion, other than with a certain set of dads or frat boys. They also have never tended to be denim. That has all changed, and denim cargo pants are here with a vengeance. You don’t need to bring a purse the next time you are out on the town or spending time with your friends. They tend to have a baggy fit, and you can also choose a boot cut or slimmer cuts. They work well with bare midriffs and even flowy blouses. 


We’ve gone through the high-waist phase of denim fashion and turned back around to low-risk again. The theme for 2022 denim might be retro, and low-rise jeans are a blast from the ’70s. Low-rise jeans sit on your hips and can accentuate the waist and buttocks. They allow for a hint of the belly and navel and provide a nice contour down the legs. They go perfect with baby tees or a ’70s-style blouse to complete the vintage look. 

Tailored Denim Tops

As mentioned, denim is not just for pants. Denim tops are back in a big way, and in particular, tailored denim is gaining popularity. You can get your tops cut to precisely your size and measurements, giving you the exact look you want. For example, you can get a corsage-snug look that will accentuate your waist and bust. You can also pair a tailored denim top with low-rise jeans to get a perfectly matched outfit from the color to the fabric to the spacing. You can pick the color and style with a tailored top and get it perfectly fit. 

As you can see from these choices, denim is extremely flexible and perfect for hanging out in the summer sun or for a night on the town. With denim back in style in a  big way, you have lots of options. 


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