3 Footwear Trends To Check Out This Season

Your footwear is that indispensable part of your fashion – if you know which pair of shoes to wear, it’s almost always sure that you would end up looking fabulous from head to toe. However, with the lockdowns during the previous years, one would think that footwear trends have stagnated. After all, we were barely able to go out, and Zoom meetings only entailed showing the upper half of our bodies. Interestingly enough, the footwear industry remained strong, and it even had its best year yet in 2021 when it reached $100 billion in total consumer spending. Let’s look at what people are spending money on when it comes to footwear.

White For Every Occasion

You can never go wrong with wearing white footwear as it goes well with almost any color and style. It’s no surprise that a pair of classic white sneakers is one of the most enduring fashion trends to date. This year, the white footwear takes on various silhouettes, with labels like Valentino, Jill Sanders, and Balmain putting their own take on the white footwear on the runway. One downside of wearing white footwear, however, is that you really must be careful when doing so. You have more leeway when it comes to white sneakers as you can easily wash them at home. Just make sure to put them in a mesh bag before placing them in the washer so they won’t get ruined. When it comes to sandals and other white footwear made up of non-washable materials, wear them only when you’re sure that you won’t get them too dirty afterwards.

Chunky and Funky

From the stylish Bulla Chibi embroidered platform sandals to the more casual Balenciaga logo platform slides, the chunky footwear trend is in full force this season. Wearing chunky footwear is one way to make a statement as these shoes or sandals take your feet to new heights, literally and figuratively. A product of nostalgia, chunky shoes and sandals used to be all the rave in the 90s as popularized by the Spice Girls. This year, this trend is coming back, with celebrities like Bella Hadid, Lorde, Katie Holmes, and Elizabeth Olsen all spotted wearing chunky loafers. Meanwhile, Lady Gaga, Zendaya, and Kendall Jenner were also seen wearing platform sandals, thus cementing this style as one of the staples of this season.

Shiny Shoes

Things are looking bright this summer, especially with shiny shoes being one of the significant footwear trends. Fashion houses like Bottega Veneta are infusing more elements of fun into their collections this year, from their metallic over-the-knee boots to gold foil-like mules. The metallic shoe trend adds a layer of fun to an otherwise simple outfit, and with a wide variety of options to choose from when it comes to style, metallic footwear can go with denim, dresses, jumpsuits, and if styled correctly, even glittery outfits. The metallic footwear trend is a mood-boosting trend that is worth trying out this season.
Your OOTD would look incomplete if you do not have a good pair of shoes to go along with it. Remember, too, that your footwear can make or break your entire look. As such, looking at these trends is a good way to make sure that you look good from head to toe.
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