What to Wear to an Upscale Casino: Ultimate Guide for Both Men and Women



Do you plan to visit an upscale casino but are unsure how to dress up? That’s because while some do not have dress codes, many upmarket casinos typically have one. If the fear of getting the garb etiquette wrong overpowers you, how about trying your luck on an online casino such as Joker Casino?

For the brave ones who want to venture out and visit an upmarket brick-and-mortar casino, we’ve got your back. Keep reading for bullet-proof fashion ideas for ladies and gents for THAT unforgettable casino night out.

History of Casino and Fashion

Casino culture has always influenced the world of fashion. The present-day casino dress code draws inspiration from a long-standing custom dating back several centuries. Recommended attire for casinos is always formal. That is why most casino-goers wear suits, ties, and elegant long dresses.

Long ago, people associated casinos with the rich. Players would show their riches through their attires. That’s why casino lobbies have seen their fair share of extravagant outfits.

General Rules on Dressing

The casino you plan to visit may not have a dress code, but visitors and players are still expected to dress decently. Here are some of the basic dos and don’ts:

  • If you’re going to a high-roller casino, wear something more elegant
  • Never put on flip-flops or sneakers, or you’ll likely get turned away
  • Dress appropriately for the occasion and region you’re visiting.
  • Avoid ripped or worn-out clothes

So, here’s what you should consider wearing on your next casino outing:

  1. White Tie

People usually associate it with the highest degree of formality possible. This dress code is uncommon in casinos these days, but you can still find people in a white tie suit in private casino events.

Men should wear white bow ties, trousers, shirts that match their black jackets or coats, optional cufflinks, and black leather shoes. Women can wear floor-length evening gowns with extras such as gloves, purses, tiaras, and hairpieces.

  1. Semi-formal

Semi-formal is the standard dress code for casinos. This type of dress code falls between casual and businesslike.

Men can wear black and less formal suits, button-down white shirts, and optional ties accompanied by black shoes. Women should wear semi-long or cocktail dresses and pantsuits of any color.

  1. Black Tie

You will likely find people donning the black-tie dress code at a casino since it is common in formal events.

Men should rock white shirts with black jackets, black bowtie, optional waistcoats, black socks, and black leather shoes. On the other hand, women can wear floor-length dresses with heels. Cocktail dresses which are dark or rich in color are also ideal for women.

  1. Black Tie Optional

Black Tie Optional implies that you should wear the most formal attire possible. It is the most common dress code for formal events like art shows and weddings, and for this illustration, casinos.

Women wear long-tail or cocktail dresses with optional extras like high heels. Men, on the other hand, should wear elegant suits or tuxedos – no jackets.

  1. Casual Wear

Casual wear is one of the lowest degrees of formality in terms of dressing. Although frowned upon, you can still wear casual if it’s permitted. That does not necessarily mean you slap on anything you find in your wardrobe, wear casual as you would appear on a first date.

Men can wear plain t-shirts and jeans. Shorts are acceptable for men during the day. Women have many alternatives – they can wear everything as long as the clothes are not too revealing.

  1. Business Formal

Business formal encompasses the attire you would wear when going to an office job. It is a safe bet if you aren’t sure of the dress code for a casino you’re visiting.

For men, this dress code will require you to wear a suit, preferably dark ones, a necktie, and formal shoes. Women can put on pencil skirts, optional jewelry pieces, evening blouses, and casual shoes.

  1. Business Casual

Wear it the same way you would show up for a holiday party or at a white-collar job. Men can wear shirts, khaki trousers, blazers, and black shoes while women can put on a dress, evening blouses, skirts, and closed shoes.

Other Tips on What to Wear to a Casino

Here are some other tips to help you dress for a casino night:

  1. Follow the casino’s dress code
  2. No casual after 6 PM
  3. Opt for dark clothes
  4. Be simple


Final Word – Dressing Tips for an Upmarket Casino

Visiting upscale casinos can be tricky as they often have a dress code. Your best bet is playing it safe, so opt for formal attire and dark tones even when they do not specify a dress code.

That will go a long way to ensuring you won’t get turned away at the entrance, giving you a chance at an enjoyable experience.

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