The most important step to adulthood in our lives is deciding on a future career. Some of us want to travel all over the world, discover the hidden beauty of the Earth and explore even seemingly unpopular places that turned out to be the most exciting ones.

But before making this step, one still needs to get a degree. Now is a very harsh period as finals have already started, and students are trying their best to pass exams. But some still have some remaining assignments like writing essays to be done. That’s why it is better to order coursework writing help by professional writers at EssayPro in order to save time and energy. Otherwise, you will become overloaded with plenty of tasks and will not make time to prepare for exams. 

But let’s draw your attention to something positive to reduce the stress. Summer has already started, and it means that it’s time to plan a vacation. But what should people who are short of money do? Well, the answer is simple – find a job that lets you travel. In addition, this is your chance to: 


  • earn money and explore the world at the same time
  • get to know yourself 
  • see that life is full of possibilities
  • gain new skills
  • reduce stress and anxiety
  • determine what you want out of life


In this article, we have provided you with the coolest jobs you can do while traveling.


Photographers search for the most beautiful places for their pictures. If you know how to take unforgettable images, or you have a sense of taste and attention to detail, as well as a minimum of marketing knowledge, then selling your travel photos might allow you to live this profession and travel around the world at the same time. A travel photographer is an original and rather romantic profession.


Connoisseurs of antiquities travel all over the world and stay in places where they can do their research. Being an archaeologist is an ideal occupation for exploring distant lands and discovering lost cities and forgotten civilizations. Just imagine being somewhere in Egypt among pyramids, and you find a treasure or bones of a mysterious creature. Sounds exciting! 

Hospitality jobs

Many hostels, hotels, and resort hotels are looking for employees for the season or a permanent job. The work varies between front desk staff, maids, drivers, and others. Some people work for overnight shifts and food. Probably not good for those who want to make money, but at least it’s a way to save money on a trip.

Flight attendant

Flight attendants spend long hours on board, but they also have the opportunity to explore new places during long layovers and rest periods. Working on a plane is directly related to travel, and there are plenty of perks, such as discounts of up to 90% on ticket purchases, discounts for your family members, and great deals from hotels.

Tour guide

Do you want to go on a trip for free and even want to get paid to be a tourist? Becoming a tour guide is a great option to work while traveling. There are only two limitations: you must be very well organized and be able to listen to your group.

The job includes: giving tours to famous places and entertaining tourists. There are also hotel and transfer guides who will meet you at the airport, help you with your suitcases, and assist you any time, so you have no problems checking into your hotel.

Work on a cruise ship

One of the best jobs for people who love to travel is working on a ship. A cruise ship liner is like a hotel on the water with all kinds of entertainment. There are many different jobs on a cruise ship that you can do: bartender, store clerk, receptionist, cook, casino worker, DJ, hairdresser, massage therapist, medical worker, and more. The list is endless. Cruise ship work is one of the most popular jobs that allows you to work and travel.


Whether you’re a star on the small screen, in a movie, or performing on stage in theaters, being an actor will take you around the world for weeks, sometimes even months. Besides, if you are a famous one you can meet your fans and get discounts everywhere.

Writer or editor

Are you good at expressing your feelings in words? Do you love to tell stories and know how to reach people’s hearts with words? There are tons of opportunities for you as a writer. Also, you can look for a job among companies and get paid for writing essays, newsletters, press, copywriting, or just editing texts. It is even better if you already have a blog where you write your stories or articles.


If journalism is your passion, why not become an international reporter? It’s one of the best ways to gain global awareness and work while traveling. From festivals to concerts to sporting events, journalists can attend many of the world’s most amazing events, and it’s all free. 


Are you good at communicating with people and persuading them, and are looking for a profession that allows you to work and travel? Represent your country abroad by becoming a diplomat. It’s quite a challenging profession but an exciting and beneficial one.

Scuba diving instructor

If you like scuba diving, you can get certified as a scuba diving instructor. There are incredible places in the world like Mexico, Maldives, Honduras, Philippines, Hawaii, Egypt, and others where you can get a job as an instructor. Give scuba diving lessons and enjoy a relaxed life by the sea, including free dives into the underwater world. Not bad, right?


Today, there are many sites where teachers and tutors can offer their services and give lessons to students. It does not matter if you are a teacher of English, math, music, chemistry, and so on. The thing is that this job can be performed from anywhere on the planet.

Private chef

This kind of job is in high demand during the summer season in resort hotels, restaurants, cruise ships, etc. You can simply visit hotels and restaurants that are close to your vacation accommodation, looking for places that are planning to open in the season.


If you can not imagine your life without music, becoming a musician is the perfect option for you. If you love attention and have the skills to entertain people around you, this could be an interesting way to make money. It doesn’t matter if it is singing, playing guitar, juggling, breakdancing, or some funny and weird body performances – just take chances and do what you want.

Entertaining people in the right place, like in a busy public square or in front of train stations, you can make good money on people passing by. But before doing this, make sure it is legal. Please check local laws in order to prevent unnecessary problems. 

Summing Up

Traveling makes our life interesting and rich. It’s obvious that fresh air is better than polluted one, and moving is better than sitting on the couch at home. Say “yes” to new adventures and experiences and seize the opportunity to earn money and travel at the same time by choosing one of the careers listed above. 



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